Achaem Is An Upcoming Linux Roguelike On Kickstarter

Posted by Evolve on Jun 30, 2018 | In: General News

Achaem Is An Upcoming Linux Roguelike On Kickstarter

Achaem is a roguelike that features an infinite and destructible world that has recently made its way to Kickstarter.

The story of Achaem begins during an epoch dominated by The Achaemenid Empire. Based in Western Asia and founded by Cyrus the Great, the land stands as the largest empire in history and encompasses individuals of many origins. The land becomes known for its successful and centralized leadership throughout its history and generates innovations that range from postal systems and road systems to an official language. Over time, a large army is created to protect the striving land.

A band of historians begin analyzing this epoch and cease due to their perplexion of a supernatural entity named Achaem, who was given his name by Cyprus. Achaem was taught about humanity upon befriending Cyrus and was the mastermind behind guiding the leader towards the myriad inventions. Achaem's existence slowly raised secrets that once stayed dormant within the empire.

Achaem went on to witness various atrocities that led to the eventual fall of the once monumental empire. This event caused Achaem's first feeling of anguish, which ripped a fabric into time, causing Achaem to be lost from the human realm.

Players adopt the role of a tourist who visits the ruins of Persepolis, which once stood as The Achaemenid Empire when they are suddenly pulled into the scar in time that was created by Achaem. The world inside the rip of time is not bounded by the rules of the human realm and allows intruders to traverse from different points in time and space. Players meet Achaem in this state, who promises an attempt to return to the human realm.

The roguelike characteristics attributed to gameplay include an infinite world, destructible environments, a dynamic combat system, unique bosses, and a permadeath feature. A role-playing system will be utilized to maintain play stats, which are based on the weapon players choose to utilize, be it a trinket, shield, or sword.

The world is procedurally generated, meaning it emerges in real-time as character navigate it. No two areas will be the same as a result. In-game physics may be utilized to destroy the structures around players, as molding your environment may provide a leg-up in counteracting oncoming dangers.

Combat is derived of attack combinations that may be mixed up with ground-dashes, up-dashes, and a mix or aerial combos. If players choose to pick up a trinket, spells may also be shot around.

The world is sprinkled with bosses who are designed to spring up before the player has a chance to expect them. Surviving these surprise attacks will reap rewards, and failing them, of course, results in permanent death, meaning starting from scratch will be unavoidable. The enemies featured between the bosses include swarms of small critters, tanks, and some ragers that shoot bull hell-inspired projectile attacks.

The Kickstarter page contains a demo, which prospective Linux players may download now. The campaign is set to end July 18 and still stands over $1,000 away from the pledge goal.