Basingstoke Is a 3D Stealth Rogue-like About a Charming Apocalypse

Posted by Evolve on May 1, 2018 | In: General News

Basingstoke Is a 3D Stealth Rogue-like About a Charming Apocalypse

Basingstoke is a recently release rogue-like about escaping a ruined world. Surrounded by smoldering caves and reanimated monsters, utilizing your stealth skills will be your best ticket out. Paired with arcade action and crafting techniques, your limits will be continually tested. The apocalyptic world of Basingstoke has been struck by extreme peril, and there's little you can do other than fight for survival. Scavenging and crafting will be your best friends, so make sure you loot items as you're making your way through the city. You can get creative with what you find, so try to keep everything handy. Finding poison means you can lace an enemy's kebab, and a seemingly tasty sausage roll can also be utilized as a distraction if thrown. Your stealth techniques will include sneaking up behind monsters and knocking them out cold with a whack from whatever weapon you happen to find or manufacture. If you're diligent enough in your exploration skills, you may even find a chainsaw. Tranquilizer drafts will also be scattered throughout the world and can be used so long as you find a manner in which to make a homemade blowpipe. The flamethrower is another favorite weapon, but as you can probably tell, there will be hundreds of assets to loot or craft, so long as you're creative.

Like any good stealth game, Basingstoke doesn't offer many second chances. Protagonists in stealth games are usually pretty weak and meager, giving good stealth moves a lot of power. One bite usually results in death during your journey through Basingstoke given that monsters usually rip you apart entirely from one foul swoop. Due to this, as tempting as weapons may be, it's probably in your best interest to make violence your last resort. Ambushing, skullduggery, and sneaking are just as tactical, so make sure you spruce up on those skills. The top-down third-person perspective aids with maneuvering yourself quite tactfully, and allows you to get a good scope of the surrounding enemies. You'll often be roaming around at night, which aids greatly in concealing yourself in the shadows as much as possible.

The town of Basingstoke where you reside in-game is based on a real city in the United Kingdom of the same name. Located in southern England, it’s best known for its 16th-century chapel, various museums, and art exhibitions. The developers over at Puppygames utilized the real town’s prominent features to emulate the world found in this project. Built similarity to a contemporary town, you’ll be able to rob parking ticket machines, go shopping at OMNImart 24/7, and vandalize what remains of a keep left sign. Wheelie bins are also scattered throughout if you’re looking for a conducive spot to hide. Various features you’ll see around the world are procedurally generated in typical rogue-like manner. Don’t let the adorable 3D graphics fool you into thinking you’re entering a world of benevolence, as tension is guaranteed.

As you progress through the murderous streets, new characters will begin to unlock. Players begin the journey as a general officer named Thelma, who is a jack-of-all-trades. Her abilities are neutral, and let you feel out various differing abilities so that you may eventually learn which play-style suits you the best. After receiving the character unlocks, you may begin to play as a Tourist, who revels in capturing special moments by using a selfie stick and splurging at the shops through use of a handy OmniBank GoldCard. Unlocking the character of the Thief, on the other hand, has the advantage of utilizing a Locksmith gadget that can easily crack into security panels and demolish safes. Each character has their own quirks, abilities, special equipment, and most importantly, unique hats. And you know you want all the hats. Basingstoke comes with its own reward and in-game currency system that is used to unlock a range of trading cards, profile backgrounds, emoticons, and achievements. The Royal Mint has issued a special commemorative set of Basingstoke themed coins that vary between 1p, 2p, 10p, and 50p coins. If this seems like an interesting game, be sure to check it out the trailer below. Basingstoke is now available on Steam for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux with a 25% off special promotion that lasts until May 4.