Dead Cells Update Gives Players the Keys to the Kingdom

Posted by Evolve on Jan 2, 2019 | In: General News

Dead Cells Update Gives Players the Keys to the Kingdom

Dead Cells went from an early access darling to a feature-complete slice of heaven for action-platforming fans. This blend of sword-swinging and a rogue-lite/Metdroidvania has given players a lot of options before - but they were all locked behind a progress wall.  So you could upgrade your weapons and pick between them, but they all had to be earned. Now, you can still do that, but if you want more freedom and want to configure your runs to be easier, you can. This means that if you find a rare weapon in a single run that clicks with you and makes the game more fun, but you can't find it again, you can just set it for your default weapon loadout and have fun. You can do this for melee weapons or long-range weapons like bows and arrows along with things like shields.

Beyond just weapon loadouts, you can choose parts of the environment to have in or out - so if you want timed gates to be in the mix as an added challenge for greater efficiency, you can. You can also choose to take those out of the equation, or keep certain enemy types locked out if you have trouble with them.  You can also apply any mutation buff you want - offering up the ability to minimize damage to yourself, maximize damage with certain power-ups and weapon types and more. This allows you to try new things with existing weapons and compare and contrast them much easier.

A new challenge scenario has been added to the first parts of the game where you can get huge rewards if you can defeat certain enemy counts without taking a hit. That means that going without damage for the first stage and trouncing 30 enemies may net you a more powerful weapon, while going 60 and toppling two stages without damage may not only get you an ever rarer weapon, but a ton of gold or even some cells to spend. Having a faster way to unlock these kinds of perks not only encourages mastery of the earlier stages, which will naturally make you better - but it also allows you to unlock newer gear much faster and that can make it easier to handle the latter-half of the game's stages. Boss battles also go from being a trial and error exercise to being something you have a solid chance at winning as long as you're defensive.

Beyond that, things like general quality of life improvements have been made. Instead of having to mad-dash to time doors mid-level, they are now moved to in-between stage areas - giving you more time and preventing you have from having to defeat enemies before attempting to reach them. Legendary items also drop more frequently, and you get more HP with every scroll you buy. To celebrate the update, you can get the game for a 20% discount on Steam - which gets you the game for not only Linux, but Windows and  Mac OS X as well.