Mario Tennis Aces rumored to launch June 22 this year

Posted by Evolve on Mar 2, 2018 | In: General News

Mario Tennis Aces rumored to launch June 22 this year

Tennis is one of those games that go hand in hand with a platform like Switch. And while we know that Mario Tennis Aces is set to come to Switch in the near future, there’s no official announcement yet. However, we recently saw a listing on Amazon Spain that tells us Mario Tennis Aces is set to be launched a bit after E3 2018.

If this listing is to be legit, then this means that June 22 is the official release date for the game. Most of the leaked dates via Amazon tend to be legit. And that’s what makes us excited, as it puts us just 3 months away from the release of this great game.

There are no major details regarding the game, but this will be one of the latest games like this since the Wii era. So yes, it will be a very exciting thing to finally play tennis and just enjoy a very intense, fun gameplay experience.

Nintendo doesn’t have a huge summer game for this year. And while Splatoon 2 did a very good job at becoming a blockbuster in 2017’s summer, we expect Mario Tennis Aces to be the game that blows people away this summer. It’s certainly a very good idea to give Mario Tennis Aces a shot if it does arrive this summer.

If you think about it, the summer release does make a lot of sense for this. Not only does Mario Tennis Aces get to be a very intense and fun game, but it also has cooperative or even competitive gameplay. And while it’s not as competitive as Splatoon, it definitely has its own fair share of challenges. Which is why it may actually make a lot of sense to release during June or at any given time during the summer.

Kids and adults have a lot of time on their hands during these months. So yes, it makes a lot of sense to release a competitive game like this. And while summer releases are few and far in between, it’s safe to say that Mario Tennis Aces does seem to have all it takes to become a hit.

It’s not only designed to be very fun and cut, but it’s also bringing in quite a lot of amazing features. First, being able to play as one of the Mario universe characters is nice in its own right. But the unique gameplay features and ideas are among some of the coolest things that you can find out there. So yes, there’s a lot of value to be had in here, and that’s exactly the type of thing you need to think about!

We are very excited to see if Mario Tennis Aces does actually release June 22. But the prospect of having a cool tennis game right around the corner is too good to pass up. Hopefully, this release date is the real deal, as we need to dust off the virtual rackets and start practicing soon!