Nintendo's Next President Wants To Expand Company's Mobile Division

Posted by Evolve on May 4, 2018 | In: General News

Nintendo's Next President Wants To Expand Company's Mobile Division

Last week, Nintendo dropped several bombshells on people. First was of the latest Nintendo Switch numbers both in hardware and in software, both of which were very impressive. But, more than that, it was revealed that this June, Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima will be stepping down, and in his place will be Shuntaro Furukawa. Though Furukawa has been with Nintendo for half of his life, a lot of people don't know him, and thus, they've been curious as to what his goals for the company would be. Would he focus on the Switch? Would he think of a new handheld device to the replace the 3DS? Would he continue the initiative to spread Nintendo IP outside of video games? No one really knew.

However, that silence has ended, as Shuntaro Furukawa has spoken with Nikkei and revealed some of his plans for the company once he takes over. And for him personally, he believes that one of the best things Nintendo can do is continue to expand their mobile games division. For in his mind, that market has a lot of potential for not only great profit but for great games. He thinks that Nintendo can mimic the success of Pokemon GO (which was made by Niantic, not Nintendo), and create titles that can help compliment the Nintendo Switch and its lineup of titles.

"From what I can see, smartphone games are the ones I want to expand the most," he said to Nikkei. The "mobile initiative" as many called it was started by Kimishima during his reign as President. It started with Pokemon GO, which became a phenomenon, then came Super Mario Run, which had big numbers but not a lot of love in the eyes of the gamers. After that was Fire Emblem Heroes, which surprised everyone with how popular it was. Finally, we got Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, which has done well for itself in its niche market.

Naturally, there are a lot of options that Nintendo can go to for their next mobile games. We know that Mario Kart Tour is set to be one of the next mobile games from Nintendo, but after that, it's a mystery. Many would like to see franchises like F-Zero, Star Fox, Kid Icarus, or even Metroid make an appearance on mobile devices. Others would love to see more dormant franchises get a rebirth, like Ice Climbers, or Golden Sun. Nintendo's vast library gives them a lot of options, however, as both Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem Heroes proved, if you rush out a game without thinking it through, it's not going to do as well as you think. But, if you put time and effort into it and know what your fanbase loves, the rewards will come quite easily.

Oh, and if you're concerned about the Switch getting left behind, don't. Furukawa made specific mention of the Switch and how he wants to push it into new regions to help expand its influence. We'll just have to see once June comes how his eyes will come into place.