Why some Linux games and software shouldn't be ported to Windows

Posted by Evolve on Dec 6, 2017 | In: General News

Why some Linux games and software shouldn't be ported to Windows

We all know that most opensource software gets ported to all platforms, but why does Linux have virtually no exclusive games? Most computer games are being made exclusively for Microsoft Windows yet none are ever just left for Linux alone. They usually end up being ported over, for example, take a look at free, opensource game SuperTuxKart; This game is made up of opensource characters, most of which originated from the Linux platform but the game is available for Windows. The old saying goes “follow the money” and Windows is where it is for developers, but that will never change if some developers don’t take a risk with Linux.

Linux desktop/laptop market share as of December 2017:

Steam Linux market share as of December 2017:

All the die-hard fanboys are going to claim the recent drop in Steam Linux share is due to the rise of Windows users, but that also tells a story that the Linux usage share isn't growing enough to keep up with other platforms. Developers aren’t going to keep making AAA games for Linux if the ports aren’t producing a big enough return. If the same game is available for Windows and runs better on there, why would someone want to use something like WINE instead of just dual booting into Windows? I for one love Linux and want to see it succeed but with all the fighting amongst Linux distributions and lack of adoption of the OS, I don’t see it ever growing that large.

TLDR; Not every game or software that began its life on Linux should be ported over to Windows. You need to give people a bigger incentive other than just better security or more freedom, give them an alternative choice in games and software.