10 Years Later, Xbox 360-Exclusive RPG 'The Last Remnant' is Getting an Exclusive PS4 Rema...

Posted by Evolve on Sep 11, 2018 | In: General News

10 Years Later, Xbox 360-Exclusive RPG 'The Last Remnant' is Getting an Exclusive PS4 Rema...

A little while ago, I wrote about how Square Enix decided to pull The Last Remnant from the Steam store. Just as dated, the game disappeared from it entirely, now only remaining on the PCs of those who already purchased it before then. It seems the company had some other ideas in store for the 2008 RPG though. Today, they revealed via way of a PlayStation Blog interview and trailer that The Last Remnant will be remastered for PlayStation 4. Better yet, we can expect it by the end of the year. This will mark the first time PlayStation owners get to try out the game for themselves, as it was one of those rare cases of an Xbox-exclusive RPG back during the 360 era.

The remaster sees the game put through a fresh new coat of paint with Unreal Engine 4 rendering, a significant boost from its original Unreal Engine 3 incarnation. This has changed the way the lighting, environments, and effects all look. Character art has been re-drawn as well. Aside from these graphical and technical improvements, there will be nothing different in content compared to the previous versions. Everything on this remaster will be everything that was included in the PC version of the game. Back when The Last Remnant released, its primary criticisms were mostly technical in nature, as the game was plagued with janky bugs and performance problems. With a remaster bumping up the quality, it's likely these problems will be absent this time around, making for a more enjoyable experience. Some minor changes in the remaster include increased movement speed and extra save slots. While the enhanced graphics can't be gleaned from the brief reveal trailer, there are plenty of screenshots to get a feel for it.

The Last Remnant sees players taking the role of Rush Skyes, a young man who searches for his sister in a world that is entrenched deep in the fires of war. He inevitably gets dragged into the war as a result, a war over magical artifacts known as Remnants. The Last Remnant's most unique aspect was its squad-oriented battle system, which has players command unions made up of several individual units. While the game's combat is turn-based, each turn would have you commanding an entire squad of characters at once and using this to your advantage to overpower enemies. The game's world is big too and made up of plenty of side content and quests to take part in. The news of the remaster is poetic, in a way, due to the crushed hopes of PS3 owners back during the release. Square Enix had, at the time, confirmed that it would be coming to PS3. Due to 'internal conflicts' in the company, this never happened. The remaster was brought about thanks to many of the members' desires to bring it back in the form of a port someday.

The Last Remnant Remastered will be available exclusively on PlayStation 4 this holiday season on December 6th. There's been no word of if PC or Xbox One players will ever see this remaster, but that may depend on how well it does financially with PS4 owners. Once out, it will run you $19.99 to buy it. "The Last Remnant has a system that even now, could be considered revolutionary," said the remaster's director. "Furthermore, its deep storyline, and consequently, I believe it's a title that has easily stood the test of time. I would love it if the RPG lovers out there would try playing this." Whether you were a former fan of this game or a newcomer who never got to play it due to the exclusivity, here's yet another game to look forward to for December. Watch the trailer below, or check the PlayStation Blog for the full interview with the former and new directors of the game.