A Look at the Octogeddon Launch

Posted by Evolve on Feb 8, 2018 | In: General News

A Look at the Octogeddon Launch

Today a Plants Vs. Zombies type game called Octogeddon released. This game was designed by the creator of the original Plants vs. Zombies George Fan. The cartoony art was drawn by PvZ's lead artist Rich Warner and coded by Kurt Pfeifer, programmer of the Xbox 360 port of PvZ. Being created by a team that already made a few hit games, this should give you a hint of what to expect from this game.

In Octogeddon you take the role of an angry octopus hell-bent on destroying the world. He has tentacles that can damage enemies such as tanks, airplanes, submarines, and fish and has to defend himself from waves of non-stop enemies that keep coming at him. Gameplay is simple; enemies come at you from different angles and you have to rotate your character to hit them with your tentacles while keeping them from hitting your head. If they hit you, you lose 1 heart of health and if you lose all 4 you will die and restart the level until you run out of lives. You can upgrade your tentacles with crazy DNA upgrades such as a crab claw, snake, bee, or penguin and can even add more tentacles. The crab claw is a tougher version of the melee tentacle while the snake shoots venom. The bee has homing stingers and penguin freezes enemies in place for a few seconds. Eventually, you can have up to 8 tentacles all with different upgrades or the same if you can afford it. Everything is purchased in-game with coins or shells you pick up from enemies.

This game while basic in mechanics, can get hard once you start progressing and dive deeper into the game and that is the fun and challenging part about it. As of today, this game can be purchased on steam online and possibly might be coming to phones and eventually consoles down the road.

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