Action RPG Anima Gate of Memories: The Nameless Chronicles Will Be Coming to Steam for Lin...

Posted by Evolve on Jun 3, 2018 | In: General News

Action RPG Anima Gate of Memories: The Nameless Chronicles Will Be Coming to Steam for Lin...

The developers over at Anima Project have just announced their upcoming sequel to Anima Gate of Memories will receive a Linux release, albeit a couple of months after release. Their upcoming title Anima Gate of Memories: The Nameless Chronicles comes with a tricky conversion port due to the 3D action display, so if it all goes smoothly, it's projected that the release will come a couple months after the Day 1 release.

In a story that unravels the hidden secret behind the Gates of Memories, this sequel revisits the world of Gaia with a multifaceted journey led by a new protagonist. Players adopt the role of a man with no name who is cursed to walk the world as an immortal until the end of time. A shadow from his past arises in his path, and he is suddenly forced to partake in a conflict which questions his very existence. The end result may point to humanity's last hope, or surmount as an impending doom, with player decision directly impacting the outcome.

The dual characters that played a pivotal point in regards to plot and gameplay from the original Anime Gate of Memories won't be utilized here, but instead, include a character that is much more a blank slate. While Ergo and The Bearer of Calamities were highly defined and contained their own particular quirks, this nameless protagonist may be customized by players to reflect their preferred play-style. The role-playing elements stand similarly to the former game, exerting a vast set of unique skills that range from sword techniques to magic abilities, and developing them as you would in a traditional role-play adventure. Various artifacts that contain exclusive powers will be available, so if you would like to emulate the feel of Ergo or The Bearer of Calamities, you'll certainly contain the resources to do so.

One of the most innovative gameplay elements comes with the use of the Hand of Tanathos, which contains a unique action that allows The Nameless to improve any single attack by becoming temporarily melded with Death. Your opponents are formidable and often legendary, each containing their own special abilities and unique mechanics. The fast-paced action from the original is here to stay, with a deep combat system that combines role-playing elements with an emphasis on individual uniqueness.

The world of Gaia is huge, which has been passed down from the original and allows for great freedom to visit various locations, with the usual option to retrace your steps to prior areas. This encourages revisiting places to unravel new secrets or unlock previously inaccessible areas, so be sure to make note of what may be expanded upon as you journey on. Given the gameplay, world design, and role-play elements, this installment seems to expand upon Gaia with a new tale and protagonist, but still features all the tidbits that made the original feel so satisfying.

If you're itching to revisit the world and combat of Anima Gate of Memories, Anima Gate of Memories: The Nameless Chronicles will be available on Steam come June, with a Linux version coming swiftly following the initial release.