Asteroid Fight Is An Upcoming Linux RTS That Relies On Heavy Player Modification

Posted by Evolve on Jul 12, 2018 | In: General News

Asteroid Fight Is An Upcoming Linux RTS That Relies On Heavy Player Modification

Asteroid Fight is an upcoming online multiplayer real-time strategy game that requires players to command with uniquely modified special abilities. In a world where strong economies drive successful missions, Asteroid Fight offers military action that may be quickly expanded so players may stand a chance against their powerful adversaries. Destroying warp gates stands as the prime objective, which may be performed through dynamic team play, thinking on your feet, and reacting to rapid military action in a timely manner to mitigate damage.

Features include fast leveling throughout the ranks, an economy that allows players to build bases on asteroids to support their team with a variety of specialized units, and a fully persistent randomly-generated loot system. Throughout online multiplayer competitions, players will gain special abilities and items through the earning of XP for every played round, meaning rewards are not unique to successful games. Online matches may be fought against strangers or with a group of friends, and include modes ranging from 1 versus 1, 3 versus 3, capture the flag, to last man standing, among others.

XP is earned following every round players finish, and once a certain amount is reached, players will be rewarded with a new item, which will contain unique modifiers and values. This means that if players receive the same item twice, they may have different effects on commanders. Mounted items stand to grant players with special abilities, which may aid in locating or dismantling the warp gates. Items contain their own attributes, but may be modified to perform other traits that fall under attack, control, utility, and support. As the number of items possessed increases, the further amount of items obtained will steadily increase as a whole moving forward, which will make for a swift up-tick of options when combining certain items.

During a single round of Asteroid Fight, players earn XP for each individual activity performed, be it healing, building bases, or fighting. After a certain amount of XP is reached, the player’s teammates will level up as a whole, which prompts all players to choose an upgrade for one of the mounted items.

The world’s economy consists of colonizing asteroids and building up a substantial funding base that will support player’s team members with various specialized units. Freighters may be used to transfer minerals that are mined from asteroids, where players may build a giant system of factories to house their finds.

Players will be able to build their own custom maps in Asteroid Fight that may be utilized in multiplayer using the map editor. This feature may allow players to control or manipulate manners in which to arrive at the warp gate, which may only be accessed by passing through a defense turret and destroying doors that prevent enemies from rushing towards the entrance to the gate. Building a map may put the player in an advantageous spot, and allows for more tactical operations.

Asteroid Fight will arrive on Steam for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux systems in Early Access come this year. A testing round will commence on PC July 12.