Black Geyser Couriers of Darkness an Isometric RPG About Decision Making & Upholding a Kin...

Posted by Evolve on May 2, 2018 | In: General News

Black Geyser Couriers of Darkness an Isometric RPG About Decision Making & Upholding a Kin...

Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness is an isometric, party-based role-playing game that has recently made its way to Kickstarter. In only about two days, the developers over at GrapeOcean Technologies has surpassed half of their pledged goal with the help of almost one thousand backers. The allure that Black Geyser has created is understood when analyzing the dynamic gameplay mechanics and rich storyline. Players are thrust into the land of King of Isilmerald, where despair has been rampantly engulfing a once peaceful town, leaving the townsfolk are desperately crying out to the gods for help. The force that is wreaking havoc is beyond that of a plague or demonic attack, as it stands more sinister. You'll soon find that Avarice, a primal entity, is at the forefront of the chaos. In becoming an agent of greed and ushering your kingdom further into chaos, the threat of yielding to the dark tendrils of desire tempting your existence becomes a paramount ultimatum. Upon vowing to discover the truth behind the madness, you'll seek to restore the kingdom to its rightful glory. Temptation lurks and beckons you throughout your journey as the evil force urges you to become one of its couriers. You may obligate or rebuke the seductive advances, at your own discretion.

Taking inspiration from Icewind Dale and Baldur's Gate, Black Geyser takes place entirely in the fantasy world of Yerengal. The storyline hones in on Isilmerald as its the largest, and most racially diverse city in the kingdom that is still ruled by a human lineage. Greed is a mechanic that is spreading throughout the kingdom at varying speed and affects the gameplay directly. Certain actions may slow this process down, or speed it up, as you prefer. Players begin their journey with a single protagonist but may add up to four additional non-player characters as you choose to accept them as part of your party. Each non-player character will contain a complex personality, backstory, and unique abilities. During your own character generator, you'll be able to choose from various classes, skills, and races to manufacture a persona that's just your style. The combat itself is tactical, with a strong emphasis on powerful magic. There's an easy to understand slot-based spell system implemented that's quite rich. The gameplay utilizes real-time-with-pause, meaning you should expect your standard real-time strategy combat, but with the possibility of pausing when needed. The graphics are hand-made and emulate a world filled with myriad details and charm. You'll be able to free-roam throughout the landscape in your exploration of subterranean and wild areas. Various areas will appear meak or meager during an initial exploration but appreciate that passages are not usually for the faint of heart. Many appear abandoned, but you'll often realize that you’re not as isolated as you thought you might be. The storyline includes bits of lore that are quite rich and paired with deep non-character player interactions. Complex persuasion and dialogue skills will be needed during quests, and there are hundreds of them, so be sure to take your time with the decision making.

In regards to the nitty-gritty of combat and finding the play-style that's best for you, it's best to come in knowing that there will be various gameplay altering conditions you’ll need to juggle. Prices for items go up as merchants begin to lose interest in maintaining a stable marketplace. The future of your kingdom is grim, so don't be surprised when your usual potion-keeper no longer has the motivation to run their shop. Many non-player characters may become unfriendly and overly suspicious, making interactions more and more difficult. As matters in the world become worse, once law-abiding citizens will have no choice but to turn to violence, which you may become a victim of due to pure coincidence. Open areas such as vineyards or manors are often hotbeds for conflicts as various groups will attempt to take refuge there, so make sure to thoroughly vet every new region you come across. Prospective players should know that this is an All or Nothing Kickstarter, meaning this project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by May 30. You have a few weeks to donate, but by the looks of it, it appears almost certain that Black Geyser will be fully funded. Once completed, you'll be able to find this on PC for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Be sure to check out the gameplay introduction provided below if you want to see this game in action before donating.