City of the Shroud Is an Upcoming Story-Based MMO

Posted by Evolve on Jul 7, 2018 | In: General News

City of the Shroud Is an Upcoming Story-Based MMO

City of the Shroud is an upcoming strategic massively multiplayer game about determining the fate of the city of Iskendrum. Paired with a real-time, combo-based battle system, player decisions will change the story as it progresses, meaning choosing allies and political affiliations must be been wisely, and with the player's overall goal in mind.

The story of Iskendrum has already begun by the time players join the realm, but it is up to them to finish what was started. The choices of all players accumulate to drive the story of Iskendrum, meaning relying on other players is an inevitable feat.

The player-driven story unfolds over four distinct chapters. All collective choices will drive a living tale of shifting alliances as players rush to uncover the truth behind a mysterious magical shroud that holds the nation of Iskendrun captive.

As the story begins, players understand that somewhere along the way, a mistake has been made. Upon arriving to the city, players must bribe the customs agent to be allowed in. Along the way, players encounter a poor, old haberdasher who was being robbed, and in the process, discover that a monster from another dimension has arrived to the city without warning.

The player is prompted with a split-second decision that ultimately results in their punching the monster, who dies from the impact almost immediately. To the player, it seems likely that the monster was already dead, given how easily it went down. The event was a spectacle, which you plan to keep under wraps, but is proven too overblown by the townsfolk, who now call the player the Hero of Portals.

The Heroes of Portals are an allied sect of Iskendrun, who consists of five immensely powerful individuals. Each one of these members hears of your unmitigated strength, and clamor you for your allegiance. The attention and admiration because almost immediately overwhelming, and by the time the player character begins to rethink staying in Iskendrun, a magical shroud descends around the city and traps the population inside a dome. This event marks a descent into civil war, and monsters begin to flood the streets in no time. During this time of madness, the city looks to you for guidance, which you find difficult to provide.

The story is structured into episodic campaigns, in which each chapter demonstrates how the player's choices have impacted or changed the world. Each of these events changes how the story unfolds for the entire community moving forward.

The gameplay mechanics include a deep combo and state system that lets players customize their team to suit their preferred play-style, multiple difficulty options, and a real-time combo-based battle system that requires players think on their feet to chain attacks together successfully. Players will have access to an optional “wait mode”, which pauses actions while entering combos, as to choose whether or not to slow or speed up the gameplay. Online player-versus-player multiplayer will be available from the start.

The release date of the Linux port is still uncertain, though an unofficial/untested Linux beta branch may be up on Steam within the coming months. Following the success of the Kickstarter, City of Shroud is set to release come August 9.