Control is Remedy Entertainment's Latest Supernatural Action Thriller

Posted by Evolve on Jun 19, 2018 | In: General News

Control is Remedy Entertainment's Latest Supernatural Action Thriller

Control is an upcoming action-adventure game that was recently revealed during the Sony conference at E3 2018. Developed by Remedy Entertainment and published through 505 Games, players adopt a third-person perspective and delve into a city filled with federal control. Upon taking on the role of Jesse Faden, who becomes the newest director of the Federal Bureau of Control, forces of the unknown must be squandered as a mysterious adversary that goes by the name of Hiss begins to disrupt reality.

Players must strike against enemies by use of The Director's Pistol, which is a firearm that may be transformed into various shapes. Depending on how the pistol is upgraded to enhance its efficiency in combat, abilities that range from telekinetic powers to supernatural properties may be adopted. Jesse contains the ability to utilize debris to form protective shields or control objects around her that may be thrown towards oncoming enemies.

Objects of Power may be adopted as players complete a set amount of side quests or explore the world with enough depth. These powers manifest as items that may be utilized to unlock new skills, which include abilities that allow Jesse to levitate in the air. The supernatural combat system is flexible, meaning players may tailor it to go in accordance with their preferred play-style and unique loadouts.

Remedy, who have previously developed titles ranging from Quantum Break to Alan Wake, have noted that their latest title is much less linear than their previous, meaning players will contain wide expanses for exploration. Control is also set to come geared up with co-op gameplay features. The multiplayer comes from the studio wanting to craft an experience that grants the players more choices without sacrificing a strong narrative. A high degree of replayability is sought by the studio, meaning no one playthrough will be quite like another, which includes utilizing the multiplayer functions as much or little as possible. The game's writers decided to put more emphasis on creating a world and universe that contains an atmosphere unique enough for players to individually craft their own stories in.

The environment is dynamic and destructive, which may be used to your advantage as they heighten your combat possibilities. Complex rituals may be mastered, and your surroundings may be altered as you see fit. As the multiple realities become more distorted by the otherworldly forces in your wake, containing the autonomy to manipulate reality to your own degree will often give you a leg up. Most of your journey will progress through a large, complexly woven New York City building, where each corner contains its own brand of madness.

Those familiar with Quantum Break may rejoice, as Control will be powered by the Northlight Engine, which was utilized in Remedy Entertainment's previous title.

While no official release date has been provided just yet, prospective players may expect Control to arrive sometime next year as it makes its way to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. If this dynamic and chaotic world seems interesting, be sure to check out the trailer below.