Dead Cells Has Just Released A Massive Update and Promises a Linux Release

Posted by Evolve on May 13, 2018 | In: General News

Dead Cells Has Just Released A Massive Update and Promises a Linux Release

The latest Dead Cells update has just released, and it contains some large additions, but even more substantial promises for the future. Following nearly a year in Early Access, the developers over at Motion Twin are planning a full release by August, ensure a Linux release is in the works, and have added tons of new content to keep players busy until then.

This is the seventh Dead Cells update and is referred to as the "Baguette update" to make light of some issues occurring on the localization side since half the game was still in French before this fix. One of the most worthy changes includes heaps of balancing modifications through level design tweaks and bug fixes. The overall cooldown reduction mutation has been nerfed, and the Nightmare difficulty has become even more nightmarish. The gold economy has also been revamped to ensure more intuitive balances. On the aesthetic front, a new UI has been implemented that now perfectly mixes the modern and retro art-styles with smoother definition.

One new addition that will certainly change gameplay in an impactful manner comes from the reworking of The Forge. The previous iteration of the weapon upgrades system was locking players into a single build with only a few weapon choices, so this revamp ensures you'll contain a lot more variety and much less repetition. The formula has been randomized, and now allows for the cells you invest at The Forge to go towards unlocking a guaranteed percentage of weapons that drop at higher quality levels, rather than giving you the option to upgrade a specific weapon. This means that ten percent of all weapons drop with positive quality, so after enough unlocks, each weapon will contain a beneficial drop guaranteed. Players who have already invested heavily in the previous rendition of The Forge will have their progress imported to the new system, so rest assured that your upgrades will remain intact.

The inclusion of legendary items is also sure to stir up gameplay and they are a step above “S” quality items. Similar to any colorless items you may possess, legendary weapons are set to scale with your highest stat but don’t account for the +20% damage taken, meaning they're both powerful and contain various affixes. A legendary item is guaranteed each time you defeat a boss, and there's also a slight chance you may find one upon defeating a regular or elite enemy. This idea was introduced to allow some items you may have assumed you'd never use to become viable, just in case your favorite weapon doesn’t end up being the legendary you find. The legendary drops are randomly chosen from the entire pool of existing weapons in the game, regardless of whether or not you have found the blueprints or unlocked the item previously.

The Challenge Rooms have been reworked to improve upon the benefits these areas offer. With this latest update, you'll receive a chest as soon as you enter, and the portal will close behind you if you decide to open it. Rather than having a staunch emphasis on perfecting the Challenge Rooms, now the mission revolves around being able to locate them. Their obtuseness has increased, and so have the prizes. They are no longer dripping with monsters but still remain as difficulty and trap-filled as before.

In regards to the specifics of the difficulty changes, it seems enemies have been hit the hardest. While each enemy level has been slightly reduced, each one will now individually grant you an Infection Marker if they manage to land a hit. If you reach ten markers, you’re instantly dead. Make sure you look carefully at the items you consume, especially food, since that may now be poisoned as well. These markers can be relieved by using your Healing Flask or eating some clean food. You'll be able to tell the difference between clean and tainted food by reading the description of each, so make sure to make a habit of that.

If you haven't picked up the rogue-lite Metroidvania action-platformer yet, be sure to do so on Steam or GOG to check out all the new additions. While the Linux and Mac OS X releases have been promised alongside a full release come August, a set release date hasn’t been announced just yet. We're just glad to hear it's in the works. Be sure to give the trailer below a watch if this seems interesting.