Detroit: Become Human Getting a PS4 Demo After Going Gold

Posted by Evolve on Apr 23, 2018 | In: General News

Detroit: Become Human Getting a PS4 Demo After Going Gold

After all this time and all of the teases, Detroit: Become Human has officially gone gold. In other words, it means that the game's development has officially reached a finished point and is shippable for stores. Detroit is the newest upcoming game from developer Quantic Dream, the team behind other story/choice focused adventure games like Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and Indigo Prophecy. The game has been in development for four years, so hitting that milestone probably feels like a breath of fresh air for Quantic Dream. In celebration of this news, they revealed on the PlayStation Blog that a demo of the game will be releasing on April 24th (tomorrow as of the time of this writing). The demo will take players through the hostage scene where you play as Connor, one of the game's three playable android characters. This was the scene showcased at E3 2016, the first time we got to see its gameplay.

Detroit: Become Human takes place in the far future, where futuristic tech and android beings are a part of everyday life. As mentioned, you'll get to play as three characters over the course of the adventure. There's Kara, the first character ever shown of the game, a female android who escaped from a factory. Connor, the one played as in the upcoming demo, is similar to a detective of sorts, investigating and apprehending any androids who are disrupting the peace. The last character is Markus, shown off during E3 2017's gameplay trailer. He's a revolutionary who aims to free all androids in society from their servitude to humans. Similar to Heavy Rain, choices in this game will change the paths the story goes down, and the three main characters can all survive or die depending on your choices throughout.

The demo will have a unique feature for those of you out there who own an Amazon Alexa device. Dubbed an 'Alexa Skill', this feature is known as CyberLife. By having Alexa 'enable' it, the device will interact with you by helping you through the demo with the use of voice commands. It'll be capable of various things, like helping in your decision making, giving you access to info about the world and investigation that you wouldn't otherwise be privy to, etc. Considering the story and themes of the game, this is a rather fitting optional inclusion. Be sure to give it a try if you own an Alexa. This feature got its own trailer in the announcement, so you can view that below!

As for Detroit: Become Human, the game will officially release on May 25th exclusively on the PlayStation 4. It's only a month away, so it'll get here fast. The demo, meanwhile, will be playable on April 24th at 12:01 am Eastern Standard Time. Keep an eye out for it, and hopefully, it helps ease the wait for everyone a little more. You can find the instructions for the Alexa CyberLife Skill on Quantic Dream's PlayStation Blog post.