Fire Emblem Heroes Has Grossed Over $400 Million In Sales

Posted by Evolve on Aug 3, 2018 | In: General News

Fire Emblem Heroes Has Grossed Over $400 Million In Sales

Nintendo stated a few years back that they wanted to expand their player base by bringing their popular IP to more platforms. For them, that meant bringing their game to mobile platforms. Their mobile initiative was a big move, and to be fair, they didn't start off in the best way possible, as they launched Super Mario Run to kick off the initiative. But it was met with a lot of backlash due to restrictions and payment. So then, Nintendo put all their faith in their series Fire Emblem and revealed just days before release Fire Emblem Heroes. Since then, the game has been the biggest mobile hit Nintendo has ever had.

To be clear, this does not include Pokemon GO, as Nintendo did not make that game, and they do not make a profit for it. On the other hand. Fire Emblem Heroes was made by Intelligent Systems, which is the team behind the main Fire Emblem series. And as a new report has revealed, Fire Emblem Heroes has grossed over $400 million dollars. This is not only the biggest profit that Nintendo has made for any of their mobile titles, but it's by far their most popular mobile game.

The success of Heroes is a bit of a surprise because, for many years, the series has been considered a "second-tier" franchise until very recently. Games like Fire Emblem Fates on the 3DS helped cement it as a big franchise, and follow-ups like Shadows of Valentia and Fire Emblem Warriors were hits as well upon their release.

What makes Heroes so special though is that the game is a true compilation of all the Fire Emblem games as it brings all the characters from those titles into a new world for players to get, train, and battle with. And Intelligent Systems has been adding more and more content since the game's release. There have been numerous new modes, major additions to the story, and so much more, it keeps players engaged, entertained, and more.

As for how it makes its money, the majority of its profits are gotten via the purchasing of Orbs. Orbs are used to try and summon new characters for their party. And when major new characters are brought in, the purchasing of the Orbs seem to go up.

An important note is that at the games 1-year anniversary in February, the game was around $300 million in profit. So now, at basically its 18-month anniversary, it's gained $100 million more in about 6 months. This proves that the game has not lost its luster and that many are still drawn to it.

Many believe that the success of Fire Emblem Heroes will lead to the success of the next main Fire Emblem game, which right now is called Fire Emblem Three Houses, and is set to arrive on the Nintendo Switch next Spring. And since that's at least another 9 months away, there's no doubt there will be more Heroes, and more profits, for Nintendo and the game.