Hearthstone Prepares For Witchwood Expansion With Patch

Posted by Evolve on Apr 12, 2018 | In: General News

Hearthstone Prepares For Witchwood Expansion With Patch

Hearthstone is by and large one of the most popular properties Blizzard has ever created. The use of cards set within the Warcraft universe has allowed for many unique things, including special mechanics, rotating card availability, and much more. Now, Blizzard is setting up for a new expansion that will change the game in many ways called The Witchwood. The expansion will arrive today, but Blizzard is ensuring those who have the game are ready for the new expansion by giving out a patch to set everything up.

First up, if you don't know what The Witchwood expansion is, here's an official description from the site: "Join the best monster hunters of Gilneas as they seek out the source of a dreadful curse in a haunted forest! The evil in the woods will soon learn that its bitten off more than it can chew because the people of Gilneas bite back!"

This expansion is set to add 135 new cards, each of which can help change your strategies within the game, and all of which are ones you'll want to get. Plus, if you log into Hearthstone soon after The Witchwood arrives, you'll get three card packs and a random legendary card that are from the expansion!

Aside from the expansion, Blizzard is also getting Hearthstone ready for its special event "The Year Of The Raven" via this patch. This special event will allow you to create decks of the standard variety with cards from Basic, Classic, Journey to Un’Goro, Knights of the Frozen Throne, Kobolds & Catacombs and The Witchwood sets. Allowing you a lot of freedom and ability to do some unique things.

It should be noted that the Whispers of the Old Gods, One Night in Karazhan and Mean Streets of Gadgetzan are going to become exclusive to Wild.

If you're looking for new things via this patch, you're in luck, for there is a new Druid hero named Lunara that's going to be available soon. You can earn her for your deck by winning 10 matches in Standard Ranked or Casual games. However, this can only be done once The Year of the Raven arrives.

The Year of the Raven is also going to bring improvements to Daily Quests. For example, previously, certain quests gave you 40 gold after completing them. But now, they'll be giving you 50 gold. Furthermore, Daily Quests are now going to be easier to complete, thus giving you the chance to earn even more.

Have you ever wanted to share your decks with a fellow player or friend? Well, the Year of the Raven is going to allow that via a "Friendly Challenge". Blizzard notes, however, this option won't be available for Fireside Brawl or Tavern Brawl.

Finally, Blizzard made notes about the gameplay bug fixes and improvements that come with the patch and the expansion. Check the Patch Notes for the full breakdown.

So be prepared, for the Witchwood is coming, and once it arrives, it'll only mark the beginning of more new things for Hearthstone.