Horizon Chase Turbo Demo Releases For Linux

Posted by Evolve on Oct 23, 2018 | In: General News

Horizon Chase Turbo Demo Releases For Linux

Horizon Chase Turbo has been out for a while - and offers up a ton of racing-related thrills. The game began its life on iOS before moving to Android and was a top-notch mobile racing game. Aquiris was heavily-influenced by Outrun and classic computer racing games like Lotus Turbo Challenge and Top Gear on the SNES. It stood out right away by having a flat-shaded polygonal look replicating a 16-bit influence that was always used for things like the sides of roads and a much simpler look for car models. Despite the simple look, it looked stunning and it got some nice upgrades on computers and consoles earlier this year and received rave reviews.

Now, after about five months of regular updates for fine-tuning, the game has received its first free demo. Given the game's free to start roots on mobile, this is a logical move. It should also allow the game to reach a much broader audience as you can enjoy an arcade-style racing game without having to commit to a full purchase. Having no barrier of entry up front shows a higher level of confidence in the product from the developers - especially when it comes to a new IP that derives inspiration from others. Much like the free starter portion on the mobile game, this gives you a solid taste of the core racing action. The demo has eight circuits to race on with three cars playable. You can use either the world tour or tournament modes and even have some multiplayer action if you so desire.

Anyone who grew up loving arcade racing games should enjoy Horizon Chase Turbo. It takes the laid-back atmosphere of games like Outrun, but infuses them with a more modern feel - very much like Outrun 2006: Coast 2 Coast. Unlike that legendary series though, this one pits you against rival racers. Every vehicle in the game is influenced by something real - so you have a vague Mustang Expy against a legendary red Ferrari-style car, and even something inspired by the '57 Chevy or the DeLorean. It's an incredibly addictive game and one that is very friendly for pick up and play action - making a demo a natural choice to get people into it. There is enough content here for players to see what it's like, and if you enjoy the more basic courses to start, you will fall in love with the more advanced stages and gameplay features.

Beyond just wanting to get a pole position finish to earn medals and unlock new stages, doing really well in the game allows you to earn new vehicles. While getting a first-place finish is nice, capturing things like gas cans on the ground will allow you to ensure your fuel reserves can last even the longest races. While this is an arcade racer, it isn't a mindless one. There are also little blue icons that allow you to see perfect routes and maximize your scores - but getting all of them in a single go-around is tough with a track full of competition out to stop you. The best part of this demo is that if you enjoy the game, you can get a nice discount on the main game. Buying it nets you a 30% discount on the base game - bringing it down to $13.99 while buying it with the OST is only $17.08. This demo is live on Steam, so Linux, MacOS, and Windows users can enjoy it.