Kingdom Hearts 3 Impressions Have Arrived

Posted by Evolve on May 20, 2018 | In: General News

Kingdom Hearts 3 Impressions Have Arrived

When it comes to the Kingdom Hearts franchise, it's known for its unusual but powerful blend of Disney and Square Enix franchises, it's intense but very satisfying gameplay, and it's deep, yet convoluted story. It's also known for not having a main entry in 13 years. Kingdom Hearts 3 has been teased for over a decade, and though many story important titles have come out in the time leading up to it, fans are eager for the true next game to arrive. Thankfully, it seems it's on its way out soon, and to prove that, a special Kingdom Heart 3 Premiere was held.

This allowed many people from various news outlets to come in, play the game, and then reveal their thoughts. We have looked at many of them and compiled what we feel are the key impressions from the lot.

First and foremost, the game looks and feels like Kingdom Hearts, the team at Square Enix clearly haven't lost their touch, and they have both learned from and combined elements from the tie-in titles and made Kingdom Hearts 3 a truly special experience.

The demo the people were able to play showed off Olympus via the Battle Coliseum that is a staple for the game. And they also showed off the "Toy Box" world, which is where Toy Story is in. The Toy Box apparently is massive in size and scope. For not only do you get to go to classic Toy Story locations like Andy's Room and the house but also Al's Toy Barn, which was teased in a previous trailer. The best part is that you have total freedom on you explore the areas and what you do in them. And ignoring the story to see cool elements and hidden Easter Eggs is a key part of the adventure.

For example, in Al's Toy Barn, also called Galaxy Toys, if you look around enough, you'll find a line of "Dissidia" toys, ones that feature the summons you can do in Final Fantasy games.

Speaking of summons, we got a new reveal in Wreck-It Ralph. He'll put Sora on his shoulders and pummel anything and everything in his way. A cool twist though is that you can do area attacks if you do the right combination. In this case, Ralph will summon some blocks to jump on, and if you attack them, you'll launch the blocks in a wide range to kill a lot of enemies.

Also teased and allowed to be played was that Sora can summon Disney rides, including the Magic Mountain train and the shooting ride, the latter of which will let you go into a first-person mode to shoot a bunch of enemies and rake up a high score.

If that's not enough transformations for you, the Keyblade will actually be able to transform into other weapons in the worlds. They only work for a limited time, but when they let you cut loose, it's really cool.

All in all, Kingdom Hearts 3 seems like it's going to be everything fans want it to be, and more. The team is teasing a reveal date soon, and it's very likely it'll come at E3 2018. Stay tuned for any updates!