Lead Innocent Civilians To Your House of Horrors in the Linux Management Game MachiaVillai...

Posted by Evolve on May 26, 2018 | In: General News

Lead Innocent Civilians To Your House of Horrors in the Linux Management Game MachiaVillai...

MachiaVillain is a recently released horror mansion management game about raising monsters and slaughters all your visitors. Adopt the role of a villain, and partake in actions any devious mind would be proud of.

Brought by the same crew behind Freaking Meatbags and taking inspiration from the wonderfully macabre PC classic Dungeon Keeper, MachiaVillain grants you full freedom to construct the mansion of your nightmares. Your residence, of the place where you keep the bodies, as others may say, can be decked out with cannibal kitchens, vampire crypts, and mad scientist labs, as you see fit. Your monster workers may gather building resources for you, and so long as you keep them happy and productive, your options should be plentiful. Spiritual energy from the cemeteries lingers on the outskirts of your quarters that can be tapped into to construct haunted items, such as evil furniture. If you have a staunch vendetta against certain kinds of people that roam the world, such as nerds, be sure to attract them as visitors by setting items they might like, such as bookcases.

Your staffed monsters must not be overworked, so it will be imperative to hire minions early on. To really begin your house of horrors, launching an invocation, take in some evil resumes, and tame the creatures who respond. If you're already in charge of a crew of zombies, you may have them infect nearby civilians, and they will be turned into minions immediately. It's not exactly easy to find good works, so be sure your vetting properties are strong and strive to manage your elite chambers diligently. Minions will posses different traits, and require different needs. There will be at least thirty differing types, so responding to them efficiently is paramount to good synergy. Their different fight styles might be good to note early on, and some specialize in ranged attacks, barehanded grabs, and biting. Your army is motivated mostly by food, so keep them adequately fed, or they may turn against you.

As far as objectives go, you're looking to slaughter copious amounts of innocent victims of wide arrays. Your menu one night may specify famous tropes, such as nerds, party people, or celebrities. Your victims will come equipped with scare levels that vary greatly. Some individuals may react to monsters different than others, so each victim will need to be approached uniquely. Some may freeze out of terror, others will run away from you, and some may aggressively fight back. As it is best to keep your minions fed, you'll please them most by offering a good variety of body parts, which victims share different amounts of. Some victims will provide you with blood, bones, meat, or brains, depending on various factors. Having a bit of each of these will be more beneficial for your crew than stocking up on just one.

The combat utilizes an action pause system allowing you to observe, strategize, and fight at your own speeds. Even though you may feel like it sometimes, you're not the most powerful mercenary around, which you'll come to notice if a professional monster hunter comes knocking at your door. Hostile creatures reside in various hidden parts of the environment around you, ready to ambush, and you're likely to see a few angry mobs with pitchforks congregate in spite of your practices.

The main key to survival comes with the unspoken but prominent rules of the horror movie genre that the game follows. While you don't need to follow these, you do have an evil mastermind reputation to uphold. Plenty of development will still occur if you don't follow these rules, but appreciate them for what they are: guidelines. The rules consist of killing victims when they're alone unless you come across a couple, which you should promptly slaughter away. Kill the most innocent last, never murder dogs, and don't let anyone escape.

With the spare body parts you find, you'll be able to harvest some horrifying but useful items. Some are more pragmatic than others, ranging from skeletons, toxic gas traps, to Frankenstein's monster itself. Get creative with your crafting and you're bound to come out with something wicked.

Those interested in MachiaVillain can pick it up on Steam or GOG for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. If you want to see it in action, be sure to check out the trailer below.