Microsoft Discussing Big Update to Original Xbox Backwards Compatibility Later This Week

Posted by Evolve on Apr 4, 2018 | In: General News

Microsoft Discussing Big Update to Original Xbox Backwards Compatibility Later This Week

Backwards compatibility is a useful feature to have in the effort to preserve older games as we get farther and farther ahead. Sometimes older systems just stop working, and that's where backwards compatibility comes in and saves the day. Microsoft has long been emphasizing the feature for the Xbox One, as it can play hundreds and hundreds of Xbox 360 games in this manner. A refreshing change of pace since the other current platforms don't do so for their older siblings. However, one area of the backwards compatibility library for Xbox One has been sorely lacking, and that's the compatibility for original Xbox games. Compared to the hundreds of compatible Xbox 360 titles, the original console only has a meager 13 games that can be played on the current-gen console. Fans have spoken out and made requests to Microsoft about this for a long while, and it appears they've now listened.

In a post on Xbox Wire, Tina Summerford, the Director of Programming at Xbox, gave an interesting hint at what's coming in the next episode of Inside Xbox, and the trailer added to the hint. Inside Xbox is a monthly broadcast show for Microsoft that discusses news related to the console, updates, and spotlights on certain titles and exclusives. The first episode that aired last month, for example, shared the news about Freesync display for the Spring Update and had discussions/coverage of PUBG and the as-of-then unreleased Sea of Thieves. With this next episode, Summerford assures us that Microsoft has been hearing the many requests for better Original Xbox backwards compatibility, and they'll be starting off the next episode with "a big update" on exactly that!

What this big update will entail we'll just have to find out when the episode airs, and try to survive the vague torture until then. The next episode of Inside Xbox will air in a week on April 10th, next Tuesday, and you can catch it at 3:30 pm PDT/ 6:30 pm EDT, so make sure you don't miss it! Like the previous episode, it's likely that there will be goodies to follow after the opening news for the original Xbox. You'll be able to view the show on most major streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube. You can view the teaser trailer below, which is sure to hit quite a few of you with a heavy dose of nostalgia. The description cryptically reads "Everything old is new again". As for the 13 previously mentioned original Xbox titles that can currently be played on the Xbox One, here's the full list of those which is likely to change after the next episode airs:

-Ninja Gaiden Black
-Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge
-Fuzion Frenzy
-Sid Meier's Pirates!
-Grabbed by the Ghoulies
-Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
-Red Faction II
-Dead to Rights
-Prince of Persia
-King of Fighters Neowave