Mouse and Keyboard Support Coming to Select Games on Xbox One

Posted by Evolve on Sep 26, 2018 | In: General News

Mouse and Keyboard Support Coming to Select Games on Xbox One

With the last years of the console generation winding down, Microsoft has taken to adding more functionality and special offers to the Xbox One lineup. Many of these additions come in the form of PC grouping and functionality, like with Microsoft's Xbox Play Anywhere program, which allows gamers to play their purchased game on both Windows 10 computers and Xbox One. Today, the PC link extends even further after the airing of the most recent Inside Xbox live stream. Phil Spencer himself took to announcing that keyboard and mouse support will be making their way to Xbox One this Fall, though with some (necessary) catches.

If you've taken part in any online gaming sessions between both console and PC players, these catches will be readily apparent to you. For certain games, like competitive FPSs and other multiplayer-centric experiences, the difference between a player using a controller and a player using a mouse/keyboard are high. The latter provides much snappier, quicker reaction times and more precise inputs, leading to a significant advantage over the console players. It's for this reason that the upcoming peripheral support will be handled on a game-to-game basis, for "select Xbox Insiders." Spencer goes on to discuss this exact topic. "If you're a dominant FPS player right now on the controller and you're worried that all the sudden you're gonna get swamped because a bunch of mouse and keyboard players are gonna get flooded into your game, that's not what we're doing," he explained. "We're putting choice into the hands of the developers about the games that they want to bring."

This idea of developer choice is exactly what Spencer and Microsoft have in mind with the added support. By giving this option to the developers themselves, it will allow certain games to be able to come out on Xbox One that couldn't in the past, and Spencer wants to see more of those games. The first of these games to get this support is free-to-play MMO Warframe, which will receive Xbox One mouse/keyboard support in October with the Xbox Insider Program. As long as your mouse/keyboard are USB compatible, they should work just fine with Xbox One, according to Spencer. That being said, Microsoft and Razer have now been confirmed as working together to make a custom mouse/keyboard setup for those who would rather buy that.

Good news is we'll find out more about that and much more here relatively soon. Near the closer of the Inside Xbox episode, Spencer announced the X018 Xbox event, which will take place on November 10th in Mexico City alongside the Xbox FanFest. The X018 event will be streamed and viewable just like the Inside Xbox episodes are, meaning many around the world will be able to tune in. It's going to be quite a big one too, timing out at around two hours in length. Xbox fans should make sure to keep an eye out around this time. So, we can expect the addition of mouse/keyboard support to Xbox One games in just a month from now with Warframe. What games would you like to see come with that playstyle? Microsoft has promised the upcoming lineup of supported games will be discussed at X018 as well. You can view that and their announcement on their official website, as well as the announcement of X018.