My Brother Rabbit Is A Point-and-Classic Fantasy Puzzle Game Coming to Linux

Posted by Evolve on Jul 4, 2018 | In: General News

My Brother Rabbit Is A Point-and-Classic Fantasy Puzzle Game Coming to Linux

My Brother Rabbit is an upcoming exploration-adventure and puzzle game that is set in a surreal world mixed with reality and a child’s imagination.

The game begins as a family finds that their daughter has fallen ill. Her parents swiftly head out to scour for treatments, while her determined older brother turns to the power of imagination to help the family cope with the newfound hardships. As the outside world continues to depict harsh realities, the innocent children that inhabit the home begin to create a surreal fantasy world within their quarters to allow them an escape. The visions of hospitals that phase in and out may periodically creep through when in the dream realm, but begin to deter as the escapism of this newfound journey becomes more prevalent.

Players embark on a journey that spans across five different lands that are each filled with magic entities, ranging from floating baobabs, robot mooses, giant mushrooms, and clocks that melt to the rhythm of time passing.

When entering the magnificent, fictitious world, players will eventually come across a rabbit. This creature, you'll soon find, is placed within the world to nurse his ill friend, who is a flower, back to health. The rabbit must rely on his wits to decipher myriad puzzles that are inspired by classic point-and-click mechanics, uncover hidden objectives, and partake in mini-games to continue the adventure. The wonderful world players find themselves encompassing may appear as child's play, but will soon begin to reflect aspects of reality.

The lands ventured through may be marveled at, but should be approached with a degree of speculation. All tidbits and clues should be questioned and often relayed back to their relation to reality. Players will aid the rabbit in solving all encountered puzzles, and will eventually begin to assemble strange machinery in a world where conventional logic doesn't limit creative endeavors.

The nostalgic journey ahead depicts a time during which dreams contained the power to build uncommon worlds. Players will be asked to harken back to their childhood memories in order to see these worlds through young eyes once more. When in a precarious situation, or stuck on a puzzle, players will usually find the answers through the powers of their own imagination. No matter how the story ends, it will be the empathy and ingenuity of the player that lands them in a marveled situation. Together with a team of support, players will band with their siblings during a difficult time to fulfill a quest of regained health.

My Brother Rabbit was scored by Arkadjusz Reikowski, who has previously composed for Seve: The Days Long Gone and Layers of Fear. The sound direction was composed distinctly to pair fairly with the hand-painted vistas of the dream realms and were shaped to invite the player to rekindle any flames lost in their imagination.

While there is no set release date yet, players may expect My Brother Rabbit to arrive on PC for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux this coming Fall.