New PVP Multiplayer Game Mode For Dying Light Called Dying Light: Bad Blood Launching Soon

Posted by Evolve on Mar 24, 2018 | In: General News

New PVP Multiplayer Game Mode For Dying Light Called Dying Light: Bad Blood Launching Soon

The Developer Techland has been working on a new multiplayer mode for Dying Light called Dying Light: Bad Blood. It is a stand-alone expansion which does not require you to have the base Dying Light game. It is supposed to release sometime later in 2018 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One with Techland not releasing a specific date just yet. Some video game sites such as IGN and others have branded this new mode as a Battle Royal mode for Dying Light, but it only has a few similarities to such a mode.

In Dying Light: Bad Blood you are dropped into a random location on the map by helicopter and must survive against PVE and PVP mechanics until the chopper comes back to pick you up. You are thrown into the arena with no items and must find weapons and medkits to protect yourself from zombies and other players. Most items you find in the base game will be included here, the only difference being you cant craft them and must find already modded melee weapons, guns, and grenades. In the gameplay trailer, you can see the player finding items such as a lead pipe to bash zombies with, a bow and arrow to shoot arrows at the zombies with, and some grenades which seem to to be some of the more effective weapons for NPC zombies or human players. Weapon crates might also get airdropped during the matches, which can make all the difference to a player who is a lower level than everyone else in the arena and happens to find a handgun or rifle.

All of the of the parkour skills that were part of the original Dying Light can be used here against zombies or other players and navigate around obstacles. You can jump off walls, climb ledges, or run and slide through holes or other barriers that you can fit through. These skills can help you set a trap for zombies and human players, get to hard to reach places for hidden goodies or just scout your surroundings.

The objective of the game is to find blood samples from the more powerful zombies in order to level up and get stronger and to get the helicopter to come back to pick you up. There is only one problem with this helicopter, it has room for only one passenger, so you must also hunt down and kill any human players and take any blood samples they have acquired. Unlike most Battle Royal games such as Fortnite or PUBG, this mode only allows up to six players to play together. Once you find a certain amount of blood samples, a player can call the helicopter to come back and pick him up, which will alert the other players to your location. This then turns the match into a King of the Hill type match, as you must stay in the marked area that the chopper will come for more than 30 seconds to leave. You must do this while fighting waves of five other human players in the match that make their way to landing zone.

This game mode is more fast-paced than most Battle Royal games. The matches only last around 10 minutes and can only end when someone collects enough blood samples to get the helicopter to come get them so they can leave. This mode keeps people from just waiting around until the chopper comes back by forcing you to kill zombies and collect the samples because in turn this also raises your characters level. Each time you level up you will become stronger by gaining more HP and stronger attacks with weapons. So if you just hang back from the fight, by the time you show up to the chopper pickup point, you would be weaker than everyone else who actually participated in getting the chopper to come.

Techland hasn’t announced if playing the Dying Light: Bad Blood expansion will give you anything to earn for your single-player game or what types of maps there will be, but right now you can sign up for their Beta. Get a chance to play it and try the mode out for yourselves on Dying Lights’s website.