New Vampyr Gameplay Trailer Stalks the Dark Streets of 1918 London

Posted by Evolve on May 7, 2018 | In: General News

New Vampyr Gameplay Trailer Stalks the Dark Streets of 1918 London

It's pretty crazy to think that Dontnod, the developers behind the nostalgic and low-key Life is Strange series, are currently making a dark game about vampires in 1918 London during the Spanish flu. Life is Strange had its fair share of dark themes and story elements certainly, but Vampyr seems to be taking it to a whole new level. It's been a long time since we've seen more gameplay footage of it, but now that it's a month away from release, the publishers over at Focus Home Interactive decided to show it off some more.

Vampyr, as mentioned, is set in London back in the day. You play as Johnathan Reid, a doctor who unwillingly turns into a vampire (the reasons behind which are unknown still). Due to the pandemic going on, fear and paranoia in London is high, and that spells trouble for Reid, whom in the trailer can be seen being hunted down by townsfolk for being what he is. Dontnod took some effort to research this time period and portray it as accurately as possible, and the game will consist of multiple endings based on how you play and what you choose to do. The setting of London puts it into semi-open world gameplay, where the entirety of it all is composed of four districts. Each one can also be affected by your choices.

And that's a big backbone behind Vampyr's gameplay: Player choice. Similarly to how choice was a factor in the episodes of Life is Strange, Vampyr will have players choosing when and who, if any, to feed on, and how you'll balance your actions as both a doctor and a vampire. Reid becomes stronger the more he feeds on people, enabling him to hold his own better against the townsfolk who are out for blood. However, being a doctor, this goes directly against Reid's morals, making it a choice between ethics and survival. You can choose your targets carefully so as not to feed on innocent people, turning Reid into a sort of vigilante, or you can simply choose not to feed on anyone and can complete the game without killing. Of course, if you choose to go this pacifist route, things will be inevitably more difficult for you when combat takes place. The whole experience is an interesting contrast to the Telltale-esque adventure gameplay of Life is Strange, being more akin to an action/RPG.

Vampyr is set to release on June 5th, one month from now, and right before E3 begins. Considering the closeness of the release from now, this trailer will probably be the last one for the game that we get to see till then. Dontnod has discussed continuing Life is Strange in a sequel that has a new setting and characters, so that might get into swing after this game. Vampyr will be available on Windows PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. There hasn't been any word of a Switch version, but you never know. You can view the fittingly dark and gothic trailer (called the Becoming the Monster trailer) below to see the gameplay in action for yourself!