Nintendo Announces a New Animal Crossing Game for Nintendo Switch

Posted by Evolve on Sep 19, 2018 | In: General News

Nintendo Announces a New Animal Crossing Game for Nintendo Switch

Animal Crossing is a series that fans have practically been shouting at Nintendo about since the Switch was launched. With a new Mario and Zelda game released and a new Metroid and Yoshi game in development, it makes sense. After all the waiting and all the crashed hopes from each Direct, Nintendo finally bit the bullet and announced it, saving it as a surprise reveal during the ending of their most recent Nintendo Direct. Before you get too excited, keep in mind that the reveal was something akin to Metroid Prime 4's; all we got was a screen with a logo confirming it's headed to Switch sometime down the line. The real fun came in the teaser and fake-out beforehand.

As we recently reported, Animal Crossing: New Leaf's super popular assistant Isabelle is making her way to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as part of the huge roster. The Animal Crossing reveal started off with this, showing Isabelle in the Mayor's office tidying things up and wondering what it would be like if she were Mayor. At this point in the trailer, many fans were likely (and understandably) freaking out. She then receives a letter that reveals she's wanted in Smash, which is a very exciting announcement in its own right. A gameplay trailer was shown off, going through her different Smash moves that will be in Ultimate. The hype wrapped up with a surprise appearance from everyone's favorite Bell-sweeper, Tom Nook. Nook congratulates Isabelle on her induction into the Smash roster but reveals that he has work to do once everyone's done with Smash Ultimate and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. The trailer then fades out to the reveal logo, which is currently just going by the working title of 'Animal Crossing'.

Outside of that trailer setup, next to nothing is known about this new Animal Crossing. Right now, it's more about thinking of the possibilities. Animal Crossing's move over to the Switch will no doubt feel extremely natural; the last main entry in the series, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, was a 3DS title. On Switch, the game will play to both of the series' strengths, like its home-console roots and New Leaf's portability, something that game was extremely well regarded for. New Leaf released back in 2013, making it five years so far without a proper mainline Animal Crossing game. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp released late last year, and served as Nintendo's mobile take on the series, though it got into some controversy with its loot-box-like mechanics.

Animal Crossing for Nintendo Switch is slated for release sometime in 2019, according to the reveal. Due to this, it's likely we'll see it pop up in a more in-depth reveal during a 2019 Direct at some point. For now, all we can do is wait and imagine what the game might be like. Tom Nook and Isabelle both looked nicely rendered in the trailer footage, but it's unknown if this is how things will look graphically in the actual game, or if this was just for the purposes of the reveal (though the trailer mentions it's not gameplay footage). Either way, you can check out that trailer below here in case you missed it! Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, meanwhile, will release exclusively on Switch on December 7th, bringing with it Animal Crossing's Isabelle and every single fighter from every Smash game (aside from Waluigi).