Nintendo Confirmed That a Super Smash Bros. Switch Is In The Works

Posted by Evolve on Mar 9, 2018 | In: General News

Nintendo Confirmed That a Super Smash Bros. Switch Is In The Works

Nintendo just released a teaser trailer yesterday announcing that a Super Smash Bros. Switch is indeed in the works. Of course, they did not give, other than a few words of announcing it's coming to the switch, any details about the renowned game. Super Smash Bros. Switch will be releasing sometime in 2018 according to Nintendo. According to the trailer, the Inkling characters from Nintendo Switch’s Splatoon game are going to make an appearance on the character roster in SSB Switch. Which characters that are going to appear in the game is still unknown, but in the video it shows two Inklings having a battle with each other and in the midst of their battle they stumble upon the Super Smash Bro. logo engulfed in flames with 2 shadowy figures standing beside it. Those two figures are no other than two of Nintendo’s most famous mascots Mario and Link. This trailer just leaves you itching to want to see more, which is a great sales gimmick Nintendo is known for.

Super Smash Bros. has come a long way since its Nintendo 64 release in 1999. Having been on every major Nintendo console since then, it pioneered a new style of fighting games. Gameplay goals of traditional fighting games are to defeat other fighters by getting their health bars all the way down to zero to win, but Super Smash Bros. differs from them by reversing this. In SSB you instead have to get their damage percentage very high and then you can knock your opponents off the stage with a power move. The higher the percentage the farther and faster they fly. Every character has unique moves, including a move to jump back on to the stage when knocked off. Fighters all start with anywhere from three to an unlimited amount of lives and the game ends when all the lives are extinguished or the timer runs out.

Have you ever wanted to punch Link in the face as Mario or eat Kirby as Yoshi, well in the Super Smash Bros. series you can? That is one of the amazing things about SSB, you can pick from a numerous amount of Nintendo characters and duke it out with one other. You can have showdowns with characters from across many different games that would never have been in the same game otherwise. There is no more wondering who would win in a fight between characters of different games, you can now find out. You can even play as characters that were never playable in their games such as the boss Ridley from the Metroid games or Ganondorf and Zelda from the Legend of Zelda games. Every game in the serious keeps adding new characters to the ever-expanding roster. Recently Super Smash Bros. Wii-U has expanded the roster to over 58 characters, much more than the mere 12 of the original Super Smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros. has produced a large competitive community and has been featured in many high-profile video gaming tournaments. With Nintendo Switch’s portability and it's online support, this game can be played with everyone and anyone from around the world, adding to its well known competitive nature. Nintendo is sure to release more information about this game in the near future, including things such as gameplay, character roster, stages, as well as a more accurate release date. All we can do now is just imagine what new characters will be in the anticipated Super Smash Bros. Switch. Stay tuned for any updates!