Octopath Traveler Won't Have Any DLC's, Being a 'Complete Game' at Launch

Posted by Evolve on Jun 21, 2018 | In: General News

Octopath Traveler Won't Have Any DLC's, Being a 'Complete Game' at Launch

Octopath Traveler has gotten plenty of attention from Nintendo in the lead up to its release a month from now. A beautiful blend of 2D character sprites and 3D backgrounds, the game is one of the latest RPGs coming from Square Enix and is set to provide players a classic RPG experience with a twist of 8 branching character paths. Since the launch is so close, Octopath Traveler producer Masashi Takahashi took to an interview with Dengeki Online, revealing some good info about the game's release and what to expect. The details have all been translated by Siliconera, and according to Takahashi, Octopath Traveler doesn't have any planned DLC. In his words, "The retail version is a complete game."

It's a rather refreshing and different route for the studio to take, as planned DLC is extremely common with most games nowadays, including RPGs. This all means that Octopath Traveler will feature everything the game was intended to have right from the get-go, and players can enjoy the full experience. Speaking of which, Takahashi also touched on that, discussing how long it may take gamers to get through the full game. For those just doing the main story, it will take around 50-60 hours. It being an RPG though, there will be many side quests and optional dungeons to explore, meaning the full experience could take anywhere between 80-100 hours. The game won't have any sort of new game plus mode, but the difficulty will change organically depending on what order you play in, as some areas and characters are more difficult than others.

Octopath Traveler's key mechanic is right there in the name. The story is branched into 8 different paths for 8 unique characters, and players can pick which order to play these paths in any way they want. Each character also has their own unique abilities which allow them to progress through the world in their own ways. Tressa, for example, is an eager merchant who can browse goods and make deals with NPCs, buying items from them that wouldn't be available to other characters. Primrose, one of the earliest revealed characters, can attract NPCs and summon them in battle to help her out. All of these variabilities means there's a lot to dig into here, and the turn-based battles are solid and feature a cool boosting mechanic to power up attacks.

Octopath Traveler is set to travel out on July 13th, only a month from now, exclusively on Nintendo Switch. Due to being a Switch exclusive, Octopath also has the advantage of being a traditional-styled RPG that can be played both in your living room or on the go, and its gameplay perfectly suits it. If you can't wait that long, Square Enix recently put out a new and final demo for the game on the Switch eShop. This demo lets you play 3 hours of the start of the game, allowing you to pick one of the eight characters, and will even carry over data to the full release. There's also a special edition of Octopath Traveler, called the Wayfarer's Edition, which comes with a pop-up book box, a cloth map of the game world, a replica coin, and the soundtrack CD. You can view the full interview highlights with Takahashi on Siliconera!