Our Hero Hyper Sword is an RPG About Defeating Adversaries that is Now on Kickstarter for ...

Posted by Evolve on May 4, 2018 | In: General News

Our Hero Hyper Sword is an RPG About Defeating Adversaries that is Now on Kickstarter for ...

Our Hero! Hyper Sword is an action-heavy role-playing adventure about defeating an evil band of grey adversaries. With gameplay utilizing hack'n slash mechanics alongside platforming sections, you'll be free to explore environments that are dotted with secrets and saturated with enemies. Combat is fought in real-time, and bosses are evasive, requiring tactical timing skills to hit during an opening. Most of your gameplay will be during Story Mode, which you can tackle on your own, or by utilizing the local multiplayer function. The open world design allows for an open, sprawling sector divided into various zones. You'll discover Royal Gardens, traverse the Castle Vaults, and journey toward the Lost Valley. No matter which hero you decide to start with, they'll each contain their own special abilities. You'll have the autonomy to switch between your cooperate and hero, so if you run into obstacles you seemingly can't overcome, be sure to try your best with all at your disposal.

Inspired by classic adventure titles such as Jak and Daxter, The Legend of Zelda, and Castle Crashers, Our Hero! Hyper Sword allows you to step into the shoes of Our Hero. With your trusty swords, you'll soon begin a quest to retrieve an elusive Theoremas Crystal. In doing so, you'll be granted the title of Royal Piggy. It's quite the honor, so make sure you uphold your status. A devious entity named Finalboss will attempt to race against you in the hopes of nabbing the Theoremas Crystals for himself, so be sure to always approach new situations with battle in mind. Finalboss has the capabilities to grant himself powerful magic abilities that can eventually sink the world into suffering and despair. You'll find that you're the only other hero standing in his way, so be sure you can take him on in your search of the Crystal. If you let Finalboss find it first, it may begin your demise.

You'll journey through forests, fortresses, skies, and dungeons. In carving your way through Finalboss, a race begins early on. He is escorted and accompanied by a band of evil cronies and mighty warriors. If you manage to befriend the colorful cast of non-player characters you encounter through your journey, you'll find that they may assist you in uncovering the land's secret treasures and secrets. They"ll often help you locate powerful weapons and upgrades, so try not to skimp out on their aid. You may find other weapons in chests, or choose to purchase them in one of several Weapon Shops. Certain common weapons drop from enemies, as well, so grinding for a specific sword may be as equally viable. Various swords may be evolved to become even more powerful, so it's best to keep your inventory rich with a surplus of pointy objects. There are more than thirty unique swords to pick from, most of which can be boosted or transformed. Currently, there are ten different zones that may be explored, all containing their own unique array of puzzles, secrets, and boss battles. A plethora of side quests and bizarre minigames will also be at your disposal, so long as you do an adequate amount of exploring.

While the open world design takes the front seat regarding gameplay, the overall story is divided into acts. Each individual act takes place during a different moment of the heroes world. You'll be tested in certain areas, asked to retrieve magical crystals in another, and must plow through obstacles as you begin to prove your worth. After familiarizing yourself with the world you'll need to activate an Obelisk that allows you to travel freely between it and other subsequent Obelisks you've encountered in the world. Between the secrets and collectibles scattered throughout each world, it will go without saying that there is plenty to gain throughout your mission. Micyold is currency that will be gained from winning battles, and ESP will be earned as you successfully destroy crates or open chests. This will allow you to unlock Fury powers, which grant you special abilities, such as invincibility. Prospective players may view the trailer for Our Hero! Hyper Sword below, and download the Windows or Linux demos directly from their Kickstarter. The demo will feature about half an hour of gameplay. As of this writing, the game has only received $587 of their goal of $6,002, but still, have 22 days to go. If their Kickstarter is successful, they plan to launch their game in early 2019.