Oxygen Not Included Receives New Region In Major Update

Posted by Evolve on Jun 20, 2018 | In: General News

Oxygen Not Included Receives New Region In Major Update

Oxygen Not Included has recently received a major update. The space-colony simulation game now comes equipped with various new features, critter additions, and various bug fixes.

Many Duplicants have crashed through the crust of an asteroid, revealing a whole expanse of cosmos that have yet to be explored. This propels the beginning of a new stellar discovery, where new material is waiting to be scavenged. The Dupliants will be a rush to exploit the frontier as they defend themselves against an oncoming and uncaring vacuum of space.

The space biome will begin on the surface of an asteroid that houses an abundance of natural resources on its surface. It is not without new hazards, through, which Duplicants will need to learn how to navigate. The new features included bring forth solar light, meteor showers, and new elements, alongside actual windows and walls.

The solar light consists of abundant energy that radiates from a nearby star. It may be harnessed for electricity through capture with solar panels, which your cave-dwelling Duplicants will come to appreciate, so long as it's not hot enough for them to roast under. Meteor showers will bring myriad resources, but travel at 16 kilometers per second, meaning your surface infrastructure must be protected with meteor-proof walls and shutters. It will be a worthy investment to purchase a Meteor Detector, as it may minimize surprise damage.

The new elements provided in the update include an improved material science, which will enable the production of ceramics, steel, glass, and various other basic materials. The windows and walls now featured allow for your Duplicants to build new rooms that contain a view of space. The transparent windows allow for light to enter and pass through the decor, but keep your gases and liquids right where you want them. The back walls act as a protective force that shields the vacuum of space from those who'd rather stay inside.

The Egg Economy has also been revamped, with Egg Cracker building allowing players who construct their next omelet with ease. The eggs have recently undergone some changes regarding mass and now become unviable if left in a storage container for too long. Eggs, as well as babies and wrangles, all come equipped with new artwork due to these changes in mass.

Among the bug changes, temperature abnormalities, overheating issues, and crashes that cause in-door structures to malfunction have all been mended. Many of these issues were caused by third-party software interference that caused the game to crash, but should now be an issue of the past.

For those unfamiliar with Oxygen Not Included, the game stands as a space-colony simulator that is littered with constant threats regarding your own survival. Players guide colonists through the perils of a subterranean asteroid belt as they monitor their population growth and maintain the scarcities of valuable substances. All parts of the space colony stand under the player's control, ranging from resource allocations, plumbing, power systems, to evacuation rights. The ship's resources will begin to deplete as soon as inhabitants take their first breath, meaning management skills are imperative to survival.

The psychological impact of survival means every day alive is a day well spent. Players may break away from the dangers of interstellar travel so long as they account for their resources properly. During off time, leisurely activities may be had, accommodations for great food can be made, and time may be spent having fun with friends. The stress levels of the Duplicants must be monitored to ensure they may perform at their best, so it's never a bad call to keep them happy.

That being said, ensure you don't become too comfortable in your leisure, as efficiency is still key to survival. Keeping a ship intact is quite difficult and complex, as you may have guessed, meaning complex gases, liquid simulations, and charged power grids must always be tested and maintained. The space world is procedurally generated, meaning no individual's path will ever be quite like others, ensuring the weight of your colony is truly on your shoulders. With almost unlimited manners in which Duplicants can die, it's always in the player's best interest to keep all aspects measured.

This cosmic upgrade is now available. If this seems interesting, be sure to check out the trailer for it below.