Panic Button Believes That The Nintendo Switch Has A Bright Future

Posted by Evolve on Jul 10, 2018 | In: General News

Panic Button Believes That The Nintendo Switch Has A Bright Future

The Nintendo Switch continues to be on a roll, but in truth, the reasons for its success in 2018 aren't the same as the reasons from 2017. In 2017, the system was popular because of the massive influx of 1st party titles like Breath of the Wild, and Super Mario Odyssey. Other factors were involved, but this was the main one. However, in 2018, the indie games and 3rd party markets are stepping up to make the Switch even better, and one of the developers helping with that is Panic Button.

Panic Button had a big influence on Switch near the end of last year when they brought Bethesda's Doom and Psyonix's Rocket League to the Switch. Then, they went and brought Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus to the Switch not too long ago. And now, they've announced that the popular co-op 3rd party shooter Warframe is being ported to the Nintendo Switch by them as well. As if that wasn't enough, they're teasing even more titles being ported over by them, and other studios as well.

All this considered, it shouldn't be a surprise that one of the heads of Panic Button told US Gamer that they were very fond of the Switch. “It’s a really neat piece of hardware, and we’re learning more all the time. We work closely with Nintendo and Nvidia, and it’s an opportunity for us to do more and more with the hardware."

Indeed, they noted previously that while making Doom for Switch was difficult because of their unfamiliarity with the system, making Wolfenstein II was a lot easier. And it goes to reason that Warframe will go even better.

The Switch's success is undeniable, and the upcoming years look very promising for it, however, the conflict of the next console war will come, as Sony and Xbox will reveal their next systems that will directly challenge the Switch. The question many are thinking is, "What will their consoles be?" But for Panic Button, they're asking a more interesting question, will it even matter?

"Does one party do an even beefier, more powerful machine? Do they look at what’s happening with Nintendo and try to do that? Will they do both?"

Copying a Nintendo system has happened in the past. When the Wii was unveiled, few took it seriously, but once people got the motion controls in their hands, it was clear Nintendo had done something special. And thus, Sony made the Move (a slightly more advanced Wiimote), and then Microsoft made the Kinect (which was full-body motion). Though both did decently enough, it was clear by the end of the console war of that generation that Nintendo won handily, as Wii sales, and software sales for it, were way higher than the others.

So if Microsoft and Sony continue to go the hardware route, they allow Nintendo to continue charming the market with the Switch. If they go a unique route like the Switch, they have to make sure they truly do better than it, else they'll fail again. The future is uncertain, but we'll find out about it eventually.