Participate In Physics-Based Open War While Raising Your Colony In Upcoming Linux RTS Remn...

Posted by Evolve on May 31, 2018 | In: General News

Participate In Physics-Based Open War While Raising Your Colony In Upcoming Linux RTS Remn...

Remnant is an upcoming real-time 4X strategy game that hones in on a single planetary system with a self-created narrative. Players take command of a rising faction and must lead their followers through the internal strife and consolidated power gained throughout the surrounding orbiting bodies.

Agents stand as the core of all of Remnant's gameplay given their many assets. They are your captains, diplomats, engineers, assassins, researchers, spies, and every role in between. While they primarily direct your colony's programs, their level of success will be distinctly tired to their performance. A veteran agent will be worthy and likely to get the job done right, while a newer recruit may be kidnapped and used as a bargaining chip during a diplomatic interaction. As fickle as your agents may be, their jobs are integral, so safeguarding them from harm should be a priority as recruitments only occur periodically. They're a great tool to use for experimenting safely as they may sabotage adversarial programs or be used as spies to collect needed intel. Depending on how you decide to utilize them, you'll likely tap into some key strategic planning, and be able to succeed with astute intuition alone.

That same strategic intuition will also be what leads the competency of your agent directing programs. You''ll be able to decide for yourself what programs are the most valuable and possess various to choose from. Whether it be time spent spying, expanding the economy, researching new technology, or developing essential infrastructure, your agent's priorities will need to be well-based and plotted out to ensure a thriving balance.

The agent and colony programs stand as the heart within the narrative-based gameplay to add a present degree of spontaneity. Agents will be randomly generated characters that are utilized as the empire's competent subordinates that also may manifest resources. Programs are the government-run initiatives that control the manner in which you shape and view each of your individual colonies. All units have individual identities, marking a clear distinction among agents, ships, and colonies. In the world-building, no repetitive build orders will be down within colonies but instead are developed by agent programs that assign unique purpose beyond their numerical total output.

As you traverse through deep space, you'll notice the adoption of full 3D movement that doesn't contain grids, tiles, planes, or lanes. Each section can be flown through with full Newtonian flight models that move between sectors without following a needless space highway. Within the single planetary system, a dynamic map will be present that follows Kepler's laws of planetary motion that manifest a shifting strategic landscape.

Remnant's fleet combat usually turns conflicts shared between two factions into open war. Taking place within a wide space environment with six degrees of full freedom, ships will be able to maneuver along any axis or rotate to face any direction as there is no constriction for movements. The weapons present on each ship fire independently and contain the capacity to track or attack multiple targets at once. This ensures positions and movement are imperative to maximizing coverage and minimizing the risk involved. Utilizing simplified Newtonian physics, the ships may move in one direction but may face or attack another. While they are vulnerable from certain attack angels, your key to success is finding your opponents weak spot, while maintaining yours stays unscathed. Although real-time elements are utilized, a time control mechanics allows players to pause, speed up, or slow down gameplay at any moment. Understand that astute strategic planning and tactical advantage will always have a leg up against quick reflexes.

Resource gathering will be among the most rudimentary necessities, with ore, food, and metal usually taking priority. Ore and food will typically be produced at a base rate and multiplied by the amount of construction of mines and farms. Metal will be produced through the refinement of the ore gathered, and often requires a refinery structure to be present for completion. Each colony contains their own slew of resources, meaning it's not empire-wide, which is worth noting if you're starting to run low on anything. Obtaining metal from one planet cannot be constructed on another.

Following several years of development, Remnant will be available at last on Steam for PC, Mac OS X, and Linux later this summer. If this seems interesting, be sure to check out the trailer below.