Pokemon: Let's Go Pikachu! And Eevee! Will Have Different Pokemon In Them

Posted by Evolve on Jul 16, 2018 | In: General News

Pokemon: Let's Go Pikachu! And Eevee! Will Have Different Pokemon In Them

In terms of first-party titles for the Nintendo Switch, gamers are going to have to wait a little longer for the next one to arrive. However, once November comes, they'll be given a Pokemon sized title in the form of Pokemon: Let's Go Pikachu and Pokemon: Let's Go Eevee. These two titles will mix the style of the handheld games, but also bring in elements of Pokemon GO as well. Many are wondering what little nuances and details will help make the game special and unique, and now, we have some answers to those questions. 

First and foremost, not unlike the main Pokemon titles themselves, Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee will have Pokemon that are unique to them. Only a select few have been revealed, but it's been confirmed that the Pikachu version will get Oddish, Sandshrew, and Growlithe, while Eevee's version will get Bellsprout, Meowth, and Vulpix. More are likely to be announced as we get closer to the November release date. It should be noted that the Let's Go titles will only have the original 151 Pokemon, as well as the Alola variants from the Sun and Moon games.

No doubt Nintendo is trying to invoke the feelings of the core title here, as Let's Go has been tagged by certain Pokemon fans as being "too casual". But with this move, it ensures that if anyone wants to catch 'em all, they are going to have to trade with friends and other trainers online, which has already been confirmed for the titles.

Further adding to the news for the games, a new trailer for Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee has been released, it features many interesting shots of the game. This includes more shots of the trainer being able to use Ride Pokemon like Charizard and Lapras to get around the Kanto region, as well as shots of Pokemon battles. These look to be true to the core title style, as well as embracing the Switch’s updated graphics in both the trainers and the Pokemon.

In the game, you can actually choose whether your Pikachu or Eevee will be male or female, and you'll see differences in them depending on what you choose. And just like your trainer, you'll actually be able to customize the looks of your partner Pokemon. So if you wanted, you can actually have the two wear matching outfits. You can even give Pikachu or Eevee special haircuts to make them stand out even more.

Another interesting aspect is that the games will apparently feature cutscenes, not unlike the recent Sun and Moon titles, but here, we'll get more expressive characters, as well as more personal moments between the trainer and their Pokemon. Bonding with your partner Pokemon is heavily emphasized, which makes sense given that your partner Pokemon will actually travel the world with you outside of its Pokeball.

Finally, the trailer showed off familiar Gym Leaders Brock and Misty, and also gave a glimpse of how co-op play will work in the title. You can catch them all soon enough as Pokemon: Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee will release November 16th for the Nintendo Switch!