Prime Mover Releases On Steam

Posted by Evolve on May 26, 2018 | In: General News

Prime Mover Releases On Steam

Video games take on all shapes and sizes, it's part of their appeal, but sometimes the appeal comes from the ability to insert game mechanics into something that doesn't seem very game-like. Such is the case with the logic puzzle title called Prime Mover, which has recently launched on May 21, 208 on Steam for PC. If you're a fan of puzzle games, or titles with interesting twists, this is definitely one for you. As the point of the game is to be able to solve puzzles by building circuit boards, and how you build them, and how you solve the puzzles, is entirely up to you.

You play as an unnamed protagonist who is on a journey to find the Byte of Burden, to do this you must complete puzzles of a unique nature. Prime Mover doesn't give you certain things you'd expect from puzzle titles. For example, instead of telling you what to do per se, it just gives you a goal for each level, and then leaves you to design the circuit board you need to complete the task. But, as stated before, how you complete the task. If you compared your solution to your friends, you'll likely find that you both had very different solutions, but yet they both worked just fine. And you can expect that in every level of Prime Mover.

According to develop 4Bit Games, part of the fun of Prime Mover is to complete a puzzle, learn from it, and then, go back to that previous puzzle and see if you can figure out a "cleaner" solution to things. For as they say:

"There are many ways to solve every puzzle," 4Bit Games says, "but some solutions are better than others."

So truly, the game is trying to test out your mind and see how well you respond to the goal, and how clever you can get in your solutions while making the smallest amount of moves possible. A true thinking-puzzle game of sorts. But, there's also the matter of pride in your solutions, for you can actually put your solutions on leaderboards and see if other players from around the world compare to what you did. So beating the game is one thing, but beating the world itself? That's another.

There is truly a wide variety of bits and chips that you can use in Prime Move, the Steam Page even notes you can make "Circuit Boards within Circuit Boards within Circuit Boards!" which actually be true depending on how in-depth you decide to go with such things.

Now, what's a game without music? The soundtrack for Prime Mover is very lively and fits the circuitry aspect of the title. Plus, it was made by Jonathan Geer, who was the man behind the soundtrack of the beloved indie title Owlboy, so you know it's in good hands.

There are many depths to the game, including story clues that can help you find out what happened to Byte of Burden. So step into the circuits, and see what you can create. Prime Mover is currently available on Steam for the PC for $14.99.