Project Octopath Trailer Reveals Two More Heroes

Posted by Evolve on Apr 21, 2018 | In: General News

Project Octopath Trailer Reveals Two More Heroes

The Nintendo Switch has a lot of good third party games coming out this year, however, many of the announced ones so far are ports. But, there is a major exception that we know of so far, and that's Octopath Traveler. This 3rd party exclusive comes from Square Enix, who have been very supportive of the Nintendo Switch since its launch. The game is very ambitious, as it features eight very different protagonists, each of which has a separate story that you can go through in the game. A new trailer has arrived that has unveiled two more of them. Here's the breakdown.

First, we have H'aanit the Hunter. Her journey will take her to find her master, who has gone missing after a search for a friend. As per all characters in Octopath Traveler, H'aanit has a unique special ability that you can use during your journey in the world. It's called "Provoke", and it allows her to summon creatures to scare off people and attack others, which can have numerous effects on the world around you depending on how you use it.

Next, we have Therion the Thief. Therion gets contracted by a "mysterious client" to "procure" a gemstone of great value. With the contract signed, he's off to go complete it. His special ability is "Steal", which is perfect for a thief. He can go up to anyone in the world and take what they have on them and then keep it or sell it for coin or item. He can even do trades with certain people for special rewards.

This makes 6 of the 8 characters of Octopath Traveler revealed, and we'd be surprised if the final two weren't revealed by or before E3 2018, as the game releases in July.

The trailer didn't just reveal the new characters though, it expanded on some key details of the game. First off, the special abilities of the eight characters will fall into one or two categories: Noble or Rogue. Depending on which side you fall on, your abilities will have different pros and cons. Noble skills can be used at all times without consequence, but, they don't always work. Rogue skills will almost always work when you need them, but they can negatively affect how the nearby townsfolk view you. So be careful when you use your skills.

Finally, like any good RPG, Octopath Traveler will have plenty of sidequests and stories for you to find and complete on your journey, no matter which one you take. This will expand the game greatly, and give players a chance to not only level up their characters, but find new items and possibly even more paths to take.

Add that to the combat system, which will allow you to merge classes to become even more unique, and the fact that there are technically eight different main stories, and this game seems to be one that every RPG owner will want to have when it arrives on Nintendo Switch on July 13th. Stay tuned for any updates!