Sable is an Upcoming Indie Exploration Game About Self-Discovery and Ancient Tribes

Posted by Evolve on Jun 17, 2018 | In: General News

Sable is an Upcoming Indie Exploration Game About Self-Discovery and Ancient Tribes

Developed by Shedworks, Sable stands as a coming-of-age tale filled with discoveries as players explore the wide expanse of an open-world desert. The journey players will embark one will be deeply personal as the histories of an alien planet begin to unravel as players adopt the role of Sable, a curious explorer. The plains are filled with ancient monuments, deserted cities that have turned into forgotten architectural ruins, and ships that have fallen from the cosmos.

The story will begin to come to life once the history behind the broken monuments unfolds. As you continue exploring, you'll learn of a nomadic tribe, and their long history within these parts. Through some careful inquiry, you'll begin to understand what made them stay.

The importance that the nomadic tribes put on the concept of a rite of passage strikes a chord with Sable, who begins to ponder about the greater importance that may need to be understood in the hopes of uncovering a series of traditions. Between lessons of life, family, and the essence of being a part of something great than oneself, Sable realizes only an inquisitive mind may come to these discoveries, and that these sandy confines offer a worth canvas as any to begin a search within one's own conscious.

Players will be equipped with a hover-bike that they may use to traverse the open plains with. Various ancient relics must be uncovered as the truth begins to unravel, meaning traveling distances may often be expansive.

The voyage of exploration will allow players to meet and interact with the nomadic tribes that are left. Many of them have their own unique quests, which players may assist them with. These missions will often aid in the player's understanding of the world and themselves, meaning stories will be learned, and new cities will be discovered as they are completed. Many hidden secrets within the sand-weathered planet may only be found through these quests, making each opportunity difficult to pass on. The quests cultivate into Sable's own mission of self-discovery, where more information about the rite of passage is revealed, and the valuable lessons of the tribes are adopted.

The gameplay trailer shown at E3 depicts the deserts as vacuous but filled with color and dimension. The hills are may be interacted with, as Sable possessing the ability to slide down them to salvage some time between travels, and take in the scenery as she approaches the objective. Animals roam the open world, tribes light bonfires to create lights that may be seen from far away distances to gauge how far you've traveled, and the usual desert environment may be juxtaposed with the various spaceships that can be explored in-depth.

The soundtrack adds to the calming nature of the world, with Michelle Zauner from Japanese Breakfast having composed the featured selections.

While no set released date has been announced, Sable should arrive sometime next year. A Steam page for the game has recently been launched, meaning it's up for wish-listing.