Sakurai Reveals The Beginnings Of Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Posted by Evolve on Jun 22, 2018 | In: General News

Sakurai Reveals The Beginnings Of Super Smash Bros Ultimate

E3 2018 may be in the books, but that doesn't mean people aren't still talking about it. In fact, people are still chatting about all the things that were revealed at the conference. One of the most talked about titles by far was the reveal of Super Smash Bros Ultimate. The Smash Bros franchise has been huge for Nintendo ever since its arrival on N64, and when a Nintendo Direct earlier this year revealed it was coming, fans were pumped. But despite the boatload of information dropped about it at E3, there have still been questions.

Smash Bros Co-Creator Masahiro Sakurai decided to take some time to answer some of these questions. In the upcoming issue of Famitsu, Sakurai wrote a lengthy column about how Super Smash Bros Ultimate came to be, the changes he wanted to implement into it, and much more.

For starters, he first pitched the game for Switch back in 2015. December of that year in fact. That's interesting, as that was a little over a year after the release of Smash Bros for 3DS and Wii U. Though he was clear to note that this was literally just the proposal for the game, the team wasn't put on it until later. Why? Well, because they were still working on DLC characters for the Wii U/3DS titles.

One of the things that has made Super Smash Bros Ultimate so special is the subtitle of "Everyone is here!" As this is the first Smash Bros since Melee to include all previous characters in the franchise. So characters like Pichu, Pokemon Trainer, Solid Snake, Ice Climbers, and all previous characters from all Smash Bros games are in it. For Sakurai, he felt that if he didn't try and do this now, he would never be able to. So, he pitched it to Nintendo, and they agreed.

A key gameplay aspect that Sakurai wanted to implement here was the idea of "tempo". The game itself now plays a bit faster than previous titles, which will make some happy. However, it's the subtle tempo changes that Sakurai is most proud of. Mainly, he sped up certain animations and moments so that the focus can be on the fighting and not on them. For example, in certain cases, a character gets hit so hard that they fly off into the distance, and it takes a while. It's sped up for Ultimate. Also, as revealed at E3, the Final Smashes for many characters have been retooled to be faster, quicker in animations, so that the fighting can continue with little break.

Finally, Sakurai revealed the logic behind making players only use the original N64 Smash Bros characters when starting Ultimate. In his mind, he wanted players to want to try out other characters that aren't their mains. So, by starting with the original 12, and then slowly but surely unlocking new characters, he feels that not only will they feel they "earned the roster", but that they'll get the urge to try out someone new.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate arrives on Nintendo Switch December 7th. Stay tuned for any updates!