Shining Resonance Refrain Is Coming To PS4 This Summer

Posted by Evolve on Apr 29, 2018 | In: General News

Shining Resonance Refrain Is Coming To PS4 This Summer

RPGs come in all shapes and sizes and themes, and finding a special theme can help make an RPG stand out from the horde. The PS4 is set to get a very uniquely themed RPG in the form of Shining Resonance Refrain. What makes this game so special? Well, it's apparently a musical RPG. Yes, a musical RPG, and it's going to be coming to the system both in physical and digital format on July 10th. To help promote the game, the dev team took to the PlayStation Blog and outlined some key battle mechanics, as well as gave some spotlight to the characters.

One of the big mechanics that will highlight the game is the B.A.N.D. Performance. Apparently, in the middle of a battle, a character can take center stage and perform a musical number of some sort. When they do, they can either build up their teammates or try and weaken some of their foes. The song and character you choose will have a big impact on what happens during the performance, as well as the battle. So be prepared to make your choices count.

Now, as the team notes, a performance is only as good as the people behind the music, so they gave some intros to the characters you'll play as.

Yuma Ilvern, also known as the "Boy with the Dragon Soul". And that should be taken literally, as he does have a dragon soul inside of him, and he is actually kidnapped at the beginning of the game because of this. Despite what's inside him, Yuma is actually timid and wants to just stay out of trouble. In battle, he uses the Dragon Resonator Vandelhorn.

Sonia Blanche: Aka the "Lightning Princess". She is the daughter of the King of Astoria, and though she may look kind and sweet, she has a fierceness to her that will rout all foes that get in her way. In battle, she excels at using lightning-quick strikes to tear down enemies.

Kirika Towa Alma: Aka the "Diva Of Nature". Kirika is an Elf, and one who is destined to become the role of "Diva Magica". She's a priestess and one that can resonate with both the power of dragons and the forces of nature. She also has a few quirks that make her a bit of an oddity when she's around her friends. Though she can fight, she's better off as a healer in the party.

Rinna Mayfield: "The Whirlwind Sylph". A mage of elven descent, and an attendant to Kirika, she is known for being bright and chipper, and her companion Fromage is actually a boon to the party as he guides them on their journey. Like Kirika, she's not a frontline fighter, she likes to be supportive but can use devastating wind magic to harm or knock away enemies. She's not to be underestimated.

Agnum Bulletheart: "The Pyromaestro" Born with a fire in his heart, Agnum is a musical mage who isn't afraid to use his axe to deal massive damage to his enemies. He also has a quite ego-centric personality, he likes to be the center of attention, and will actually go out of his way to ensure that happens. And, like true fire, he never backs down from a challenge that's put in front of him, and he has the skills to back up his boasts. He's a mage of both long-range and short-range talent, so use him as you will.

Lestin Sera Alma: AKA "The Glacier Sentinel". Lestin is actually the Captain of the Knights in the kingdom of Wellant, and Kirika's older brother, which he considers his priority. Though he's known to be cold, perfect for an ice mage, he's fire right up when it comes to protecting his sister. Between his mastery of ice magic and his deadly halberd, Lestin is a true threat in combat.

Excella Noa Aura, also known as The Dragon Princess of the Holy Dirge. She's the princess of the Lombardian Empire, and is both a Dragoneer and wields the power of a Diva Magica. Despite this power, she's actually a very benevolent girl, she'll put the needs of her people ahead of her own at the drop of a hat. Her life will change though when she meets Yuma. In battle, she wields Dracomachina, weapons that can actually transform into dragons.

Jinas Aion: "The Lone Dragonslayer". Last, but certainly not least is Jinas. He's a wanderer from parts unknown, and he has no allegiance to anyone, making him both a threat and a mystery. He's known for his Katana, which can fell dragons in one fell swoop.

So, now you know the team, and each of them will have a story to play when Shining Resonance Refrain arrives on PS4 on July 10th. Stay tuned for any updates.