Smintheus Is A Free-To-Play 2D Puzzle Adventure That's Now On Linux

Posted by Evolve on May 10, 2018 | In: General News

Smintheus Is A Free-To-Play 2D Puzzle Adventure That's Now On Linux

Smintheus is a free-to-play 2D puzzle game that utilizes survival and crafting mechanics to tell a vibrant story. Between exploring, crafting gadgets, fighting, and solving difficult puzzles, be prepared to find yourself in some mighty sticky situations. Puzzles will need to be solved in a logical, classic manner, but also deciphered in the Smintheus way, which derives of placing the items you craft at a certain location, and at the right time. There will be a surplus of characters that you'll encounter along the way that will push this method further, and make the process much more clear as your journey continues. The game's main villain will also peer in from time to time, providing a major challenge during each encounter, and continuously boosting the necessity of utilizing stealth mechanics to avoid unwanted confrontations.

The world design of Smintheus is inspired by golden-era cartoons and has all the charm to prove for it. You'll make your way through using linear exploration and may find yourself in the middle of various traps. Dangerous environmental obstacles are never far, so its best to always assume a given location is rigged, whether you feel safe in it or not. The various characters that you meet along the way are often benevolent, so be sure to chat them up, as they'll often whisper to you about the game's plot. The story encapsulates a great deal of secrets and distinct cultural references to times moderns and classic alike.

The game's puzzles are every way, fortified with pressure plate triggering, box moving, and switch toggling elements. Puzzles may be straightforward or require extra necessities, such as enemy manipulation, stealth mechanics, or crafted gadgets to be solved successfully. You'll have your mix of breezy and strenuous puzzles, with no real predictability, so be sure that you're ready for anything before beginning to explore once more. The combat in Smintheus involves a great deal of fighting, using various tools, such as wrenches and bear traps to illicit the damage necessary to completely decimate your enemies. Hostile creatures are running amok in the nearby open areas, which there is an abundance of, meaning tactical solutions will always do you good.

Players adopt the role of Gerald, a mouse and young craftsman who was forced to leave his village due to circumstances that placed him in the direct line of danger. Lanky, a locally dwelling and menacing cat, became obsessed with the idea of destroying the mouse without much of a reason apart from gluttonous desire. Gerald had made various attempts to fight against Lanky, but they deemed unsuccessful each time, resulting in his fleeing.

While Smintheus is not fully released as of yet, the first eight introductory levels are available to play, free of charge, on This beta version isn't riddled with bugs or demanding fixes and is purely free for feedback. Smintheus has recently been ported to Linux and should be pretty easy to install after following the instructions on itch. If this seems interesting, be sure to check out the trailer below.