Splatoon 2's 3.0 Update Shoots Away Numerous Bugs In Preparation for Octo Expansion

Posted by Evolve on Apr 24, 2018 | In: General News

Splatoon 2's 3.0 Update Shoots Away Numerous Bugs In Preparation for Octo Expansion

Splatoon 2 has had healthy support from Nintendo all throughout its almost year-long life so far, with numerous free updates and fixes being applied to the game on a daily basis, similar to the first. Nintendo announced today on the support section of their official website that the multiplayer shooter will be receiving an update later today, April 24th, bumping it up to version 3.0.0. This update is one of the biggest ones yet, containing an extensive list-full of bug/glitch fixes, tweaks and accessibility improvements, and new changes and features for its multiple gameplay modes.

The most significant change that's coming in this update is the inclusion of Rank X, a brand new tier for the game's ever-popular ranked multiplayer matches. With Rank X, players in ranked matches who are ranked S+10 and up will automatically get their rank reclassified to Rank X. This tier, rather than raising or decreasing your rank, runs off of a stat known as 'X Power', which you'll gain or lose with wins and losses, and is exclusive for this tier of players. In this manner, players will be matched more evenly with other players, since the X ranks are for the higher-ups.

The other gameplay modes got smaller tweaks to them, but still significant nonetheless in making the whole experience more streamlined. Of particular note is the addition of Callie to the single-player mode. Up to this point, Marie was the character of focus in Splatoon 2's single player, due to the results of one of the final Splatfests of the first game. According to Nintendo, with this update, players can "fulfill a certain requirement" which will cause Callie, the other half of the Squid Sisters, to appear at Tentakeel Outpost alongside Marie.

All of this is in preparation for the upcoming launch of the game's Octo Expansion single player DLC. The Octo Expansion will include other additions, such as new gear, maps, playable characters, etc, all of which this 3.0 update serves to get the game ready for, but the single player DLC aspect of it is by far the biggest inclusion. Unveiled during the Nintendo Direct early last March, the new story mode will have you play as Agent 8, an amnesiac Octoling, in a grand total of 80 missions. As shown in the trailer, the game will feature an underground subway network that takes you to the various levels, and will also expand upon the lore and backstory of the game and its various characters. Once the DLC launches, it'll run you $19.99 in total.

The 3.0 update will apply to the game later today on April 24th around 6:00 pm PT/9: 00 pm ET. The above discussed Octo Expansion, meanwhile, will be launching on July 31st, soon after Splatoon 2's first birthday. You can play the game exclusively on Nintendo Switch, provided of course that you have a working internet connection. Make sure to check out Nintendo's official website for the full list of update notes on version 3.0, as it's quite a long read, and details all of the smaller changes that serve to make the game that much better.