Suda51's Cult Hit 'Killer7' is Coming to Steam Remastered in Fall

Posted by Evolve on May 29, 2018 | In: General News

Suda51's Cult Hit 'Killer7' is Coming to Steam Remastered in Fall

Developer Goichi Suda (known by the nickname Suda51) is known for making some really off-the-wall games that are unlike anything else. He's most well recognized for creating the No More Heroes series, which will be getting a new installment on the Nintendo Switch in the near future. He and studio Grasshopper Manufacture recently hit their 20th anniversary as a company, and have been truly celebrating in style. Just this past weekend, Suda flew down to Atlanta, Georgia to attend MomoCon, a popular gaming convention, with the promise that there would be a surprise announcement at the end of his panel there. And what a surprise indeed; Suda had a new trailer played for Killer7, his game before No More Heroes, announcing that it will be getting a re-release on Steam this Fall in remastered form.

Killer7 released in 2005 on both the GameCube and PlayStation 2. If you don't know what it is, that's likely due to the game having a relatively small but passionate fan base, being a more popular example of a cult hit. However, if you've played any of Suda's other games, including No More Heroes, then Killer7 might be just up your alley. The game takes place in a surreal near-future setting, where the world has disarmed all nuclear weapons across the nations, but North America and Japan have hidden tensions brewing. Throughout all this political conflict, you play as the Killer7, a syndicate of assassins who journey to various places in the world to put a stop to a creepy terrorist organization called Heaven Smile. The Killer7 aren't just any typical group of assassins though; instead, they're 7 different people who all seem to share the same body, with the main one being an old man named Harman Smith.

If that sounds trippy, it is. Killer7 is a game that plays its cards close to its chest, not giving too much away about the true nature of the plot and letting players speculate for themselves. The gameplay is a unique blend of on-rails third-person exploration and first-person shooter combat. The enemies are all members of the Heaven Smile organization: surreal, colorful monsters that make their way toward you in order to explode. Some have called the game a horror game due to this creepy factor and how intense the gameplay can be. The entire game is presented in a high-contrast art style that serves its mind-bending plot really well.

Grasshopper Manufacture alluded to this as part of the reason they're bringing it to Steam, stating "the game's simple models and colors scale nicely to modern resolutions." Naturally, the Steam version will also have keyboard and mouse controls. While the actual details of the remastered features aren't known at this time, the Steam listing states that it's being optimized for PC, basically being a resolution boost of the original game. Killer7 on Steam has a release window of Fall 2018. And who knows, we may even see it come to consoles at some point, similarly to what happened with Suda's first game, The Silver Case. You can view more about the game on its official Steam page, or check out the reveal trailer below, which runs through all 7 assassins from it. Killer7 definitely isn't a game for everyone, but if you like a dark and deep plot with tense gameplay, make sure to check this one out.