Survive the Brutality of Space in the Upcoming Linux RPG INSOMNIA: The Ark

Posted by Evolve on May 25, 2018 | In: General News

Survive the Brutality of Space in the Upcoming Linux RPG INSOMNIA: The Ark

InSomnia: The Ark is an upcoming atmospheric role-playing game set in a diesel-punk universe. Players awaken from a cryogenic sleep onboard a colossal spaceship and unknowingly possess humanity's last hope for salvation in their bare hands. Explore the outskirts of a retro-futuristic world as a warrior, or hide in the shadows as an outcast. Whether you become a charismatic leader or an apex predator, you'll need to acquire the strength to survive in order to unravel the mysteries behind your journey into uncharted space. InSomnia contains a vast, non-linear storyline with various points of no return. The fate of your space station's inhabitants rest upon your choices, so keep your responsibilities in mind as you roam throughout.

The setting is styled to imbue a noir aesthetic, paired with a post-war civilization and apocalyptic landscapes. During your various non-linear quests or missions, you'll need to mend issues that are beating down on civilians, while keeping everyone's best interest at heart. Your own survival is paramount to salvaging the good that is found in the outskirts, and that means braving extreme conditions and injuries in order to get to your targets without fail. Valuable technological findings may be scattered on your path, so always keep a watchful eye toward unexpected places.

During your cryogenic sleep, the world as you knew it began to crumble. Lasting twenty years, you find it difficult to acclimate to such immense changes and feel confusion begin to overcome you when attempting to analyze the mistakes you have made in the past. You must first understand what occurred on the Ark itself that set off such hardships, and find it may be done most conducively by interacting with various colonists. During your waking time on the ship, you'll often be sent on risky missions that require you to traverse time, be it past or present. While you must be diligent to accomplish your tasks, these opportunities may be exactly what you need to be able to gather clues regarding what occurred during your slumber.

Combat is largely the most engaging aspect you'll need to master, and largely includes real-time action tactics. Various complex weapons will be at your disposal that contain their own dynamic qualities and disadvantages. What gun you choose to carry matters almost as much as what armor you choose to pair with it, so keep in mind that your gear should all fit your preferred play-style for optimal synergy. Watch your stamina when engaging with enemies to ensure it does not deplete and leave you open to counter attacks. Thoughtful approaches that include maximizing alternating actions and avoiding exhaustion will likely be your ticket to a successful kill.

It's not unlikely that you will see yourself rallying against massive hordes of enemies at once. Various of these ambushes will consist of maniac and mutant enemies that come well prepared with automated turrets or complex security systems you'll need to bypass. As remnants of war still linger throughout the outskirts, it's possible you'll come face to face with armies or agents that are part of a committee out to kill any living creature, not of their own. While you are a warrior, you're not superhuman, so take all these encounters at face value in order to avoid a quick death.

Players contain the ability to create, improve, or repair various items they find throughout their journey, so be sure to pick up any scraps. Tons of loot can be dismantled for their parts, so try not to pass up the opportunity to have some excess resources in your inventory. The crafting and resource management systems include mechanics, electronics, chemistry, medicine, and survival, so you're likely to find what you need before embarking on a risky expedition.

While there's no confirmed release date for InSomnia: The Ark just yet, the developers estimate it will be available sometime this year on PC for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Progress is picking up steadily following their successful Kickstarter campaign, and after releasing a new trailer recently, they have followed up with a downloadable demo so prospective players can participate in the first closed beta test. This initial beta is available for campaign backers only, but those who didn't donate will be able to play the second beta that follows. If this sci-fi spectacle about a long-gone civilization seems interesting to you, be sure to check out the trailer below.

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