Tactical RTS Total War: Warhammer II Coming to Linux This Year

Posted by Evolve on Jun 23, 2018 | In: General News

Tactical RTS Total War: Warhammer II Coming to Linux This Year

Feral Interactive has just announced that their turn-based civilization management and real-time strategy epic will be arriving to Linux. In a new trailer that demonstrates the lengths players may undergo to successfully conquer a fantasy world, the brutal devastating of the Total War: Warhammer series is demonstrated in brilliant regard.

Total War: Warhammer II allows players to choose from four unique and varied factions before waging war in whatever manner suits their strengths. Whether it be a campaign of conquest or one that sets out to destroy the world around them, players may take advantage of their glory in any manner they please.

The game is more or less two halves of a whole, with one being a turn-based, open-world campaign, and the other standing as an intense, tactical real-time battle that spans the landscapes of the New World. Begin by playing either, as ultimate replayability is promised, and a challenging multiplayer with a customizable army will be provided. As no two games will ever be the same, Total War may facilitate players for hundreds of hours.

Your empire may be built upon and engaged with through statecraft, exploration, and diplomacy, turn by turn. Settlements may be captured, built upon, and managed as vast armies are recruited. Alliances may be negotiated, and total war may be declared to subjugate any means that stand between the player and their goal.

During battles, players may command thousands of legions of strong soldiers who are prepared to engage in war against monsters, dragon, and magic-wielding foes. Being tactical is key to flanking your adversaries, meaning ambushes, military strategies, and brute force should all be used when necessary.

In this sequel, players adopt of the role of one of the eight Legendary Lords. The new narrative campaign takes place across the continents of Lustria, Ulthuan, Naggaroth, and the Southlands. Depending on which lord you choose, you will spawn in one of eight geographical locations, where unique campaign mechanics, methods of war, narratives, and monsters loom.

To access multiplayer functions, players may begin their own unique campaign positions and join a journey through a 2-player co-op event, so long as each player shares the same race. Players may choose to play together when utilizing different races so long as they own the series’ first installment.

Shortly after launch on Linux, players who own both games will gain access to an additional third campaign that takes place in a colossal new world. The campaign will be singleplayer, open-world, and contain a sprawling map that covers both the New World and Old World, which will allow players to embark on missions through any owned races from either title.

While no release date has been confirmed just yet, it is clear that Linux users will be able to purchase the game sometime this year. If this seems interesting, be sure to consider dipping your toes into the first installment, or trying out the tutorial featured on the Total War: Warhammer II Steam page.