Tales of Maj'Eyal Has a New DLC Pack Filled With Tons of Content Available For Free on Lin...

Posted by Evolve on May 5, 2018 | In: General News

Tales of Maj'Eyal Has a New DLC Pack Filled With Tons of Content Available For Free on Lin...

The developers of the beloved roguelike role-playing epic Tales of Maj'Eyal have recently announced a launch date for their latest expansion. Forbidden Cults will play similarly to a previous expansion, Ashes of Urh'rok, but includes new assets to the base game rather than providing a new campaign. Two entirely new classes will be available, so players have the option to try out Cultist of Entropy and Writhing One. Cultist of Entropy utilizes insanity and the control of entropic forces to unravel the usual laws of physics. This mage class can convert heals into attacks and has the ability to call upon various forces of the void in order to reduce foes to dust. With Writhing One, you'll be able to turn yourself into a horror gradually if you decide to give into the corrupting forces. In doing so, you may summon horrors to do your biddings for you, or shed your skin, and use your melted face to assault all incoming enemies. As an abomination, chances are you'll grow tentacles, which makes you quite the match for creature enemies. Both classes utilize a new ability called insanity that makes you more chaotic and powerful as the meter begins to fill up.

On top of two new classes, there are two new races added as well. Krogs are ogre creatures that contain the ability to transform into the very things that may kill them. With their powerful attacks, they're able to stun their foes and dual wield any one-handed weapon they choose. Drems are a corrupt sub-race of the dwarves that managed to maintain a shred of sanity as they did not become fully devolved into mindless horrors. Their specialty involves having the ability to enter a frenzy and learn to summon horrors.

Various new zones are added for you to explore and die in, including Kroshkkur, an ancient fortress housing creatures of all kinds, The Maggot, which houses a corrupted worm ready to destroy Korshkkur, and The Godfeaster, which is a deep underground cavern. Several other new locations will also be included that differ greatly from each other, and contain their own unique themes. Players will likely end in The Entropic Void, where they must prove their strength, and maintain that they stand a chance against the entropy. It'll be a tough final battle, so be sure you're up to snuff.

A whole new batch of enemy types is also added that give you a good reason to try out the new classes. Searing Horrors are luminous and radiant, offering a tough challenge. Nethergates are quite the opposite and are often seen sleeping, so it's best you try not to disturb them. Hetherworms are a new vampire subset that are much more powerful than they look, and certainly not an easy encounter. Fearful Symmetry are geometric, and might actually be more perplexing than any other encounter you're bound to see. Entropic Shards are part-crystal, part-tentacle, and entirely ready to kill. Other undisclosed enemies will await as well, so keep an eye out for surprises.

For those relatively unfamiliar with Tales of Maj-Eyal, it's an indie fantasy-rich adventure including turn-based combat and advanced character building. You may pick from myriad classes and unique races before beginning your exploration of procedurally generated dungeons. Various challenging battles will be fought, and the development of characters will be necessary to maximize your abilities.

Utilizing a customizable interface with modern graphics, Tales of Maj'Eyal contains online stats, character sheets, streamlined mechanics, and intuitive controls. Aimed to mix the contemporary gameplay of twenty-first-century titles with engaging roguelike elements, it contains both charm and accessibility. There are no in-game consumables, meaning there's never going to be a need to grind. Easy modding support is also included with Workshop integration.

If you're a Tales of Maj-Eyal lover and are looking for some new content, be sure to check out the trailer for the Forbidden Cults expansion below. The release date is currently set for May 16 and can be experienced on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Tales of Maj-Eyal is free to play but can be purchased on Steam for $6.99. Buyers will receive extra features that aren't included in the free version. Prospective players can test it out at