TellTale Games Reveals Release Dates For Walking Dead Season 04

Posted by Evolve on Aug 21, 2018 | In: General News

TellTale Games Reveals Release Dates For Walking Dead Season 04

The Walking Dead has been a series for TellTale Games that has put them on the map, and they did so by telling a unique story set within the massive universe of the comics and TV show. For three seasons, we've watched the journey of Clementine and other characters try and survive the harsh zombie world that they now find themselves in. But, with The Walking Dead Season 04, everything is about to end, and TellTale games has made it known now when the final four episodes will release. Or at the very least, when you can expect them to release.

The first episode of the final season has already launched, setting the wheels in motion for what will be the final three episodes. Which should be noted is one episode shorter than it usually is for seasons like this. Episode 2 will be called "Suffer the Children", and will be out in a little over a month on September 25th. Episode 3 will be titled "Broken Toys", and will release on November 6th. Finally, the last episode, "Take Us Back", will aim for a December 18th release date.

The spacing of these episodes is a bit typical, as TellTale likes to space them out so that they can be polished before releasing on the various platforms. But it's clear that they're trying to make sure the full final season is out before the end of 2018. Delays have happened in the past though, so it would be wise to expect at least one episode to be delayed, if not more.

The crux of the Walking Dead Season 4 is that Clementine has finally found AJ after being separated from him in Season 03 of the series, and now, she's determined to keep him safe, which is never an easy thing to do in the Walking Dead World.

The catch now though, is that with no fifth season for Clementine, the story truly does have to end, and many fans are curious about how this will go. Despite the ups and downs in terms of episode quality, TellTale Games has made sure that the stories always have consequences, and dramatic twists to ensure that things aren't "stale". And with this being the end of Clementine's story, it's reasonable to think that the ending would be just as powerful, if not stunning. There's a lot of expectations as to what it would and should be like, and TellTale will not want to anger fans who have been around since the beginning.

Though it is the final chapters of Clementine's story, the people at TellTale have noted that this may not be the last time they dive into the universe of The Walking Dead. In fact, they've done two different spinoff series based on both their own storyline and the storyline of the comics, including bringing in Michonne as the main character for one spinoff.

For now, though, there's no doubt that Telltale Games is focusing on finishing this season strong, and ensuring that it comes out on time.