The Enchanted Cave 2 Has Just Received A Massive Update that is Now Available on Linux

Posted by Evolve on May 6, 2018 | In: General News

The Enchanted Cave 2 Has Just Received A Massive Update that is Now Available on Linux

The Enchanted Cave 2 has just released a massive update that includes various additions and bug fixes. Uncovering the dark secrets within this dungeon crawler will now be all the merrier as journeying towards the endless supply of monsters and loot has just been made all the smoother.

Full controller support will now be utilized, and three different challenge game modes can be tested out. Five mysterious new heroes have been added, including one of which will only be available if you follow the Green Goo quest. All heroes will now contain unique starting stats and stand to differ more greatly from one another. Two more non-player characters have been included that contain quests that require you to come to their aid or to help them accomplish a task. Seven new items have been included to make this exploration more fluid, and a new merchant is also available to ensure less grinding if you have the funds. If you've ventured through Monster's Lair, you'll find two new monster additions inside, so be sure to give it a thorough look before moving on. Monster descriptions are now included to bestiary, so don't forget to check those if lore is your thing.

Bonus infinity skill nodes that correspond to a skill tree have also been included. The skill will only be revealed when a full branch is completed, so patience will be required. Magic has been greatly improved and expanded upon as s whole as reduced MP of attack magic has been lowered from eight to seven, and the increased value of magic enchantments have gone up by fifty percent. A bug that removed the effect from magic bonuses crafted with potions has now been mended, and certain minor visual improvements to the UI have been implemented. Mages rejoice.

Other bug fixes include an improvement regarding the visual presentations of sprite sheet edges on certain objects, and mending the enchantments. They now contain the item's single current enchantment selected by default during the time's when you're adjusting them. Lag issues have been fully mended, and a fix regarding the soft-lock adjustment has been made to ensure you won't be fixated on an item if you're clicking something directly after death.

Considering the amount of risk and reward involved during gameplay, these fixes will certainly spruce up the journey. If you're new to The Enchanted Cave 2, beginning your exploration after this update is probably in your best interest. If you're into heavy risk and reward, this might be the dungeon crawler for you. Battles must be chosen strategically, characters should be built with precision, and knowing when to evade is a must. There are over one hundred procedurally generated floors, monsters, and mini-bosses to encounter. Secret areas are hidden in illusory walls, and various tourists are hanging around towns who are eager to discuss their travels or findings with you. There are more than three hundred items to find, and various shopkeepers to haggle with. Whether you're new or familiar with The Enchanted Cave 2, you can check out the new update that is released through the Steam version on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.