The Hex Gets Final Release Date for Linux

Posted by Evolve on Sep 20, 2018 | In: General News

The Hex Gets Final Release Date for Linux

Murder mysteries have been a popular part of social gatherings for many years - but there haven't been many video games with them featured. A Hat in Time is the highest-profile recent release, and even that just features a single murder mystery with only one true canon ending. The Hex tells a creepy tale, but one that makes you think. In a tavern, a storm is brewing and a barkeep gets a call. He can barely hear what's being said but can tell that someone is planning a murder. There are six people in the bar, and each has their old memories brought back to life with a flashback.

This combination of genres allows The Hex to have a much broader audience. Those seeking a good murder mystery story should get one, while those wanting a fighting game, a touch of an RPG, dungeon-crawler, first-person adventure, or an MMO-inspired game will have a blast too. It's rare to see a single game try to do so many different things at once, and do it well. There's a space marine, a sorceress, a platforming star, a fighter, an FPS player, and an apocalypse survivor – and when combined with a variety of different genres, there should be something for just about every kind of player out there.

The adventure itself has been in the works for quite some time, with the release date being in question until now. Fortunately, the entire game was completed in principle in July and has just undergone fine-tuning. Beyond genre inspirations, there are also specific game inspirations - as Hotline Miami inspired the second-to-last chapter with a top-down shooter relying heavily on twitch reflexes. Daniel Mullins has been hard at work to make the game as good as it can be and fix up parts that he wasn't happy with. It's rare to see developers take such a critical eye to their own work before release, but refreshing. He knows it's the biggest game he's ever made and is aiming to make it his best as well.

The hex will be released on October 16 on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. It is planned for other PC distribution platforms afterwards – including the Humble Store and Its six-hour runtime is perfect for a playthrough on a day off, and with six different genres to enjoy, no single play style should get old. Murder mysteries aren't for everyone, but with so much variety, this should be a fantastic gateway game for mystery games.

There aren't many mystery games on the market now – with the market largely drying up after things like Nancy Drew-branded games did well many years ago. The Hex has a chance to not only impress newcomers to the genre but also revive a love for it from lapsed fans. All platform users will be able to buy the game for $9.99 via Steam if they want a single storefront to pick the game up from.