Timespinner Is An Upcoming Metroidvania That Lets You Manipulate Time And Seek Retribution

Posted by Evolve on Apr 9, 2018 | In: General News

Timespinner Is An Upcoming Metroidvania That Lets You Manipulate Time And Seek Retribution

Timespinner is an upcoming 2D Metroidvania game coming to PC, Mac OS X, and Linux that follows Lunais, a young women traveling through time in an effort to destroy an empire. After the fall of the maniacal Lachiem Empire and the elimination of her clan, Lunais finds herself lost in a foreign land with little direction. It’s revealed early on that the Timespinner has been destroyed, meaning any hope of returning to her past or homeworld is entirely unfeasible. With a promise of revenge, she begins her journey by seeking out of the Emperor himself.

The world is paired with time travel mechanics, a connected world design, and drawn pixel art environments. The Timespinner itself is an ancient artifact that manipulates the fabric of space into threads of time. The evolution of the world of Lachiem can be explored through dipping in and out of the present, exposing a once lush planet that has turned into a barren, lifeless landscape. In an effort to destroy the empire, various factors need to go accordingly for Lunais. Mysterious non-player characters can be befriended, and trained to aid in upcoming battles. Elemental orbs can be collected and mixed to create spells or blades that rip through enemies, and protect oneself from all looming dangers. Found in every part of the world, orbs contain both a melee attack and a ranged-spell and increase in power the more they are used. Abilities can be upgraded by finding Entropy Gems that fall from slain foes or are found in discrete treasure chests. They can also be purchased by conniving merchants, if players are in a crunch.

Timespinner takes inspiration from all the best-pixelated classics of the PlayStation and Super Nintendo age. The developers over at Lunar Ray Games cite Star Ocean, Castlevania, and Megaman X as major influences regarding providing a rich story, expansive exploration, and tight gameplay. In an effort to weave these elements into one succinct experience, Timespinner does an excellent job at emulating past classics.

Regarding mechanics, Timespinner has various tactical abilities that players can juggle. Time can be stopped during combat to evade foes, solve puzzles in a timely manner, and provide an effort to use enemies as platforms. The large, connected world offers various unique landscapes, from a laboratory, metropolis, petrified forest, and a medieval castle. Each setting differs greatly from the last and emulates a different part of a dying world. Areas that are seemingly inaccessible can be traversed through traveling in other time periods, which slowly reveals the tumultuous history of each era present on the planet. Illusory walls are scattered throughout, so hidden areas can be discovered through breaking walls, or platforming puzzles. The boss battles offer a challenge and maintain that players contain a skilled advantage in timing, dexterity, and dodging.

Timespinner has been in development for nearly two decades as of now and contains a rich journey filled with meticulous design and story planning. Eighteen years ago, Bodie Lee of Lunar Ray Games teamed up with his childhood friend Paul Sehmel to create the setting of the game. Taking place in the galaxy of Erneah, Timespinner contains lore that emulates an interplanetary story that spans various habitable planets that all delve into varying levels of technological and civilized advancements. Timespinner contains a plot that only covers a small, but pivotal story within a much larger universe. The game started to become realized when Lee was graduating university and created the project in a game-programming class. After it won first place, Lee decided to make Timespinner a fully realized indie title and has been working on finalizing it ever since. For five years following his graduation, Lee worked on the game during his spare nights and weekends and was able to begin working on it full-time following Timespinner’s successful Kickstarter campaign. In a recent update, Lee has specified that all major in-game tasks are complete, and only small polishes and porting is necessary before a full release is scheduled. Although no specific date has been provided yet, Lee states that the release is coming soon and that Kickstarter backers will receive their beta keys in an email soonly enough. In the meantime, players interested can check out the game’s music teasers, and monitor the Steam forums for new updates.