Tower of Time Has Just Received a Massive Linux Update

Posted by Evolve on Apr 3, 2018 | In: General News

Tower of Time Has Just Received a Massive Linux Update

The developers over at Event Horizon have recently released a massive upgrade to the Linux version of Tower of Time, ensuring anyone who may have experienced some hiccups to be able to enjoy their RPG with more dependability from now on. Although this new update was originally scheduled to release when Tower of Time leaves Early Access, fan feedback made it evident that some issues needed to be fixed sooner rather than later. There is a long list of changes, with an updated video player being one of the most important. An entirely new format is being utilized for each cinematic cutscene, providing a smooth finish. The Event Horizon team has been vocal about the difficulty of providing a consistent Linux version of their game, and have considered removing it entirely in the past out of contempt. Though, with the feedback provided for this patch, it seems various lingering deficiencies have been put to rest. The team is working to get their game running on as many Linux distributions as possible, and hope that their players understand that journey is still a process, but one they are working on perfecting. Any future issues that may arise with their Linux version can be addressed through their Discord, via private message, or in their Steam page forum.

Tower of Time won the Best Storytelling award at White Night 2017, and it’s easy to see how. This RPG promises at least 50 hours of gameplay, an incredible adventure, and handcrafted levels. The story is told through a series of animated cinematics, which makes this newly updated video player an essential addition. Players will inhabit a world that is intertwined with magical elements and technology. This mix provides a few devastating consequences, which can be delved into heavily through exploration. There are hundreds of books filled with lore throughout the world that will slowly reveal the complicated history players find themselves amidst as they approach their fate.

The gameplay of Tower of Time certainly does not take a backseat to the story, and provides varying strategic approaches. With flexible character development and thousands of items that can be looted or equipped, their Arrow-Time combat stands out as players can choose to pause or slow down actions to embrace tactical autonomy. This promotes planning ahead or positioning one’s party in response to an attack with ultimate effect. Whether it’s used to deploy spells, respond to new threats, or counter attacks, this mode of combat can either be strongly utilized or used minimally, according to individual preference. The multiplicity of combat ensures plenty of variety among encounters and myriad fresh challenges to come. The player’s party alignment system is unique in that critical choices certainly matter, and affect the overall party’s morale. Champions must be approached with careful intent, as the risk of them feeling used may negatively affect them. They do contain the autonomy to make critical decisions themselves, but the player always has the option to impose their own will upon the group. There are seven unique character classes, which all share varying weaknesses and strengths. Characters will primarily engage in combat with spells that can be utilized according to the player’s preference. Between utilizing spells to create barriers, manipulate gravity, or creating new paths, there is always a strategic option for approaching a given challenge.

Tower of Time's skill system is complex given that there are two enhancement trees and a multitude of options that derive from it. The game does not provide XP points throughout the journey, as most RPGs would, but instead opts to grant players with additional knowledge that unlocks new skills as the story progresses.  Players can most easily inform themselves about the world and how it’s changing by frequently visiting their central hub. There, it’s imperative to become updated on the lore, craft new items, and upgrade their equipment before returning to their adventure. Tower of Time offers players to choose from five different difficulty options, meaning skilled RPG veterans or those new to the genre can approach the game with equal footing. Between upgrades, managing your party, and discovering the intricacies of the world’s story, Tower of Time offers an adventure for all. The game can be purchased on Steam for $17.99 and leaves Early Access on April 12.