Transmogrify Is A Challenging Linux Platformer That’s Now On Kickstarter

Posted by Evolve on Jun 6, 2018 | In: General News

Transmogrify Is A Challenging Linux Platformer That’s Now On Kickstarter

Transmogrify is a challenging sci-fi puzzle platformer that has recently hit Kickstarter. Players explore a mysterious facility and fight their way past dangerous creatures equipped with quite the unconventional weapon.

Suit up, and adopt the role of Chris, a worker who was sweeping up toxic sludge when the lights suddenly shut off. An emergency alarm began to sound, and the power was restored a few minutes later. Grace, the artificial intelligence that manages the facility, saw Chris was alone and decided to experiment. She unlocked a device so that he could defend himself, and they began to plot their escape from the facility as a duo.

You'll need to watch out for the oddities that lurk inside the facility, as various abominations hide within. Slimes seem harmless, but they're awfully agile and your quarters will be quite filled with them. Bugs will be buzzing around, though they are quite docile so long as you don't threaten their eggs. Flyers roam through the skies and contain particular flight patterns, so be sure to keep a watchful eye on them as you may avoid them entirely. Leaper's are more robust and contain powerful legs that let them jump far distances.

The weapon that you're equipped with is the LNK-0418, which was created under Project Transmogrify. The experimental device is relatively unknown, but you’ll soon find that it fires potent, plasmid projectiles that transform living organisms into different objects. This will be especially handy for combatting the electronics scattered throughout your path, and managing the critters along the way.

Inspiration for Transmogrify comes primarily from films, including Jurassic Park, Resident Evil, and Alien. The name for the game was inspired by Calvin and Hobbes, as Calvin's transmogrifier was used as a cardboard box that turned him into various creatures.

Your Transmogrifier will aid you in getting through high areas as the level-design grows more convoluted. Shooting enemies turns them into ice blocks that Chris may use as a stepping-stool so long as you are able to make the accurate judgment call. Huge gaps that rest in between platforms may be tackled by turning flying enemies into clouds that may merely be hopped. Your weapon promotes and rewards creative thinking as there are often myriad ways you may approach a puzzle. Objects and enemies may usually be used to your advantage, so be sure to utilize them when necessary.

A plethora of hidden ideas will often be trapped within the most dangerous rooms in the game, which will reward those who are the most daring. These are designed for the more adventurous explorers who prefer the thrill of high scores and practice for the best possible completion times. If you enjoy racing against the clock or an ample difficulty spike, rest assured as the possibility is never far.

The team behind Transmogrify aim to release their game to Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux by January 2019 if all goes well with the Kickstarter. There are currently about 22 more days to go, with nearly $2,000 pledged in the $5,000 goal.